Superior Nut Offers the Best Variety of Virginia Peanuts

With oversized crunchy kernels and a fresh, gourmet taste, it's no wonder people turn to Virginia peanuts for a satisfying snack time and again. A favorite for everyday enjoyment, and to treat guests at a party, Virginia peanuts are an American delicacy whose popularity shows no sign of waning. offers an extensive selection of delicious Virginia peanuts to suit everyone's unique tastes and dietary guidelines. Here's a short guide to what's available to help you easily find what's right for you' Unsalted Dry Roasted Virginia Peanuts: Looking to steer clear of salt and oil' Opt for these dry roasted favorites! A perfect healthy snack all on its own, these are also great for those looking to make their own peanut butter. Available in a 1 lb. bag, 1 lb. gift tin, 4 lb. bag, and 10 lb. case. Salted or Unsalted Party Peanuts: Roasted in cottonseed and/or peanut oil, these are the Virginia peanuts most of us tried first and fell in love with. OK with the oil roasting but want to avoid the salt' Simply choose unsalted when ordering! If you want some salt but are trying to cut back a bit, consider ordering one salted and one unsalted and mixing them in a bowl. Available in a 1 lb. bag, 4 lb. can, and 10 lb. case. Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts: Our honey roasted peanuts offer the perfect mix of sweet and salty, earning them near-universal 5-star reviews from our customers! A personal favorite of mine, I think these go a long way toward proving that honey and nuts were made for each other. Available in a 10 oz. gourmet tray, 1 lb. bag, 1 lb. gift tin, 4 lb. can, and 10 lb. case Cajun Virginia Peanuts: You like it a little spicy' Get ready for a flavor adventure! With extractives of Paprika, Turmeric and other sensational spices, our Cajun peanuts shake up your snack routine without being overpowering. Go ahead ' take a walk on the wild side! Available in a 1 lb. bag, 4 lb. bag, and 10 lb. case. Which of our Virginia peanuts varieties are you most excited to try first' Let us know on the Superior Nut Twitter or Superior Nut Facebook!

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