Pistachios: Healthy Salty Snacks that Seriously Satisfy

As any fan of salty snacks knows, temptation is usually just a bag away. Potato chips, corn chips, pretzels and more beckon to us from the grocery store shelves with unspoken calls of, 'Buy meeee!' And, many times, buy them we do, because healthy salty snacks can be few and far between, and when it's salt we're after, nothing else satisfies. I am no stranger to cupcakes, cookies, fruit and other sweet treats; I love them all, and I love them dearly. But more often than sugary goodies it is salty snacks I crave, and my pantry is rarely without at least a choice or two. The only problem is that those choices are often full of fat and calories, or at the very least, not very nutritious. They contain what is commonly referred to as 'empty calories' ' calories that don't have any nutrients to back them up. As such, they serve as little more than stomach filler, not offering anything truly beneficial, with the exception of quenching our hunger pangs (often, not for very long.) offers healthy salty snacks that are anything but empty. In fact, they'll leave you quite satisfied between meals, and pack a delicious, nutritious punch that serves your body in many wonderful ways. Next time your salt cravings kick in, consider skipping the crinkly bag in favor of these healthy salty snacks that you can go nuts over, like pistachios! Pistachios: A Favorite of Many I've met few people in my life who don't love a heaping handful of pistachios. Even those who aren't crazy about nuts usually make an exception for this flavorful treat! The serving size for pistachios is larger than any other nut we can think of, making these ideal healthy salty snacks for those who can't stop after just a few. In addition to a mild, marvelous taste, pistachios are packed with potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, manganese, lutein and more. They have shown to be beneficial to your heart and eye health, contain just 160 calories per generous serving size (approximately 49 pistachios), and can help with weight management. And that's just for starters. In short, pistachios are 'all that and a bag of chips', except they're oh-so-much better than a bag of chips!

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