Jordan Almonds Wedding Favors: A Classic Treat with Sweetness and Substance

Most of us have received Jordan Almonds wedding favors so many times that we don't give them much thought. They're a classic treat that is easy to present elegantly, and they're available in tons of terrific colors. Plus, just about everyone loves almonds, and weddings often incorporate time-honored traditions regardless of how modern the wedding may be overall. Thus, Jordan Almonds wedding favors seem a naturally popular choice, right' Right! But how did it all begin' Why was the tradition ever started; what does it represent' We did a little research of our own, and we found there's more to Jordan Almonds wedding favors than meets the eye! Jordan Almonds Wedding Favors ' 5 is the Magic Number While I'm fairly confident I've received more than 5 Jordan Almonds in some wedding favors, thinking back it is quite possible that is the most common number. It's one of those things that's easy to overlook, but there's a wonderful reason behind that exact number. With their naturally bittersweet taste, the almonds themselves represent life, which is the ultimate bittersweet adventure! But as we all wish for more good times than bad, the candy coating is added to wish the couple a marriage where the sweetness far outweighs bitter times! As for those 5 almonds ' they represent specific wishes to the couple for longevity, fertility, happiness, health and wealth. Jordan Almonds Wedding Favors Go Greek While the Greek call them 'koufeta', a Jordan Almond by any name is the same! An odd number of almonds are tucked into tiny bags and presented to guests on a silver platter. The odd number represents the indivisibility of the newly-married couple ' that they will stand together, and share in everything. As for what guests can do with these Jordan Almonds wedding favors once they get them home' It is believed that if an unmarried woman places them beneath her pillow, she will dream of her husband-to-be that night! Whether you're giving Jordan Almonds wedding favors to honor tradition, or simply because you like them, we're proud to offer the freshest, most flavorful selection right here at Superior Nut Store. Choose from an extensive array of colors, including white, silver, gold, red, mint green, orange, pink and many more!

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