Dried Goji Berries Boost Breakfast and Give Lunch a Lift!

Looking for some easy and tasty ways to add dried Goji berries to your diet' You're not alone! With their status as a superfruit ' the food equivalent of winning an Oscar ' countless health-conscious people are finding myriad mouthwatering ways to work dried Goji berries into smoothies, snacks, salads and more. They're also great on their own, of course, but every Oscar-worthy food loves a supporting cast of ingredients! Below are three of our favorite recipes that let their pleasantly tart flavor shine through' Starting the Day the Dried Goji Berries Way You can toss some in your cereal, blend them up in a smoothie, make them part of a muffin recipe, or ' you can go for our favorite option of all. While all of the aforementioned are wonderful as well, our unofficial taste testers thought dried Goji berries were at their breakfast best when they were amping up some oatmeal! Not only will they make this already satisfying meal even more healthful, but they also complement most other oatmeal additions quite well. If you want to keep it simple but oh-so-sweet and tempting, add some to regular or chocolate oatmeal. Prefer even more flavor' Try teaming them up with blueberries, pecans and a spoon that's ready to scrape every last bit out of the bowl! Add a Little Levity to Lunch Are you a PB&J kind of guy or gal' We're right there with you; the lunch classic never loses its appeal. But we like to stray a bit from the usual recipe from time to time, giving fresh life to this timeless mid-day marvel. To keep your taste buds and your tummy smiling, add a dried Goji berries grin right to your lunch itself! How to do that' We were hoping you might ask. Our favorite way is to start with two thick slices of whole grain bread. To one of those we add a generous serving of nut butter ' peanut butter, cashew butter, whichever is your favorite ' and then we grab enough dried Goji berries to form a happy face in the nut butter. With three for each eye, two for the nose, and as many as necessary for a beaming smile, we hide the happiness inside beneath the second piece of bread where our taste buds so easily and eagerly find it. How good does it taste' So, so good.

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