Chocolate Covered Cashews: Yummy Just Got Even Yummier

Gourmet salted cashews are a real taste treat when covered in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate or sugar-free chocolate. The high-quality, roasted cashews themselves are a source of dietary fiber, unsaturated fats and protein. Unsaturated fats have been associated with supporting cardiovascular health. Cashews are also rich in vitamins and minerals. You'll love the crunchy texture of the crisply roasted cashews contrasted with the rich, creamy chocolate covering. The generously-applied confectioner's glaze assures that the savory chocolate will melt where it should ' in your anxiously-awaiting mouth! The sugar-free dark chocolate covered cashews offer nut lovers, including those on a sugar-conscious diet, the opportunity to savor this richly indulgent candy alternative. The high-quality dark chocolate is known for being rich in antioxidants. These substances have been associated with lowered blood pressure and overall heart health. Therefore, when enjoyed in moderation, and as part of a comprehensive healthy diet, these sugar-free chocolate-covered nuts are a healthy, oh-so-enjoyable treat to eat. Another of our sweetly indulgent cashew products are the regular dark chocolate covered cashews. Enjoy the benefits of the antioxidants found in both the nuts and the dark chocolate ' even more of a good thing is a great thing! Finally, there's yet another mouthwatering alternative: milk chocolate covered cashews. The delicious milk chocolate will melt across your taste buds as you enjoy the tasty, crunchy cashews. Chocolate covered cashews are always appreciated as gifts. They can be a part of gift baskets, gift towers and gift tins. They are also typically offered in both one-pound bags and in ten-pound cases. Give a gift that is welcomed for holidays, birthdays and at any time of the year. Break out a bag as you sit back to enjoy that special relaxing time at home, or set them out for your guests at the next party. However they are enjoyed, chocolate covered cashews offer nutritional benefits bathed in rich, high-quality chocolate. Chocolate covered cashews are a fine candy alternative that can help establish a healthier way of eating that doesn't sacrifice taste. Whether you choose your cashews covered in dark, milk, or sugar-free chocolate, we're confident you'll love them at first bite!

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