Put Flax Seed Into Your Diet

For hundreds of years, flax seed has been used as a vital ingredient in paints and dyes, and flax seed oil is still popular as a drying oil in varnishing. But flax seed is also a surprisingly versatile food with great nutritional benefits and a host of culinary applications. At Superior Nut, we recognize how great the flax seed really is, and we've got a great selection of all things flax for you.

When cooked, flax is soothing and aromatic. In northern India, flax seed is eaten with boiled rice. Modern cooks use toast flax seed and use them to garnish salads or as part of a hearty trail mix. Flax is also a popular ingredient in whole grain breads.

Flax seed is also gaining popularity as a gluten-free food. Gluten (the proteins found in wheats and other grasses like barley and rye) is a major source of protein in many diets, and people suffering from gluten sensitivity (the catchall term for several types of allergic responses to gluten) often turn to flax seed as an alternative. Since it doesn't contain gluten but does have protein value, ground flax seed meal is a staple of many gluten-free baking recipes.

Another place where flax seed has found a home is the vegan lifestyle. Vegans eschew the use of animal products and byproducts for any purpose. Flax seeds are a surprising vegan substitute for an omnivorous diet staple: eggs. It's true ' combining one part ground flax seed with three parts water creates an egg substitute for use in baking. The reason why' Egg is traditionally used in recipes as an emulsifier ' it bonds ingredients that don't mix on their own, like oil and water. The paste created by the ground flax seed and water also helps to create emulsions because of the seeds' absorbent characteristics.

Superior Nut Store features both brown flax seed and yellow or golden flax seed, available in one or four pound bags and also in a ten pound case. The seeds can be stored for up to four months at room temperature, and can be kept for up to a week after grinding, so you can stock up in advance without worrying about rancidity.

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