Stocking Up on Gluten-Free Ingredients? Don?t Forget to Buy Amaranth!

While amaranth is a wonderfully nutritious grain to incorporate into any diet, many people first start using it when they or a loved one begin a gluten-free diet. When you make any major changes to the foods you eat (and don't eat) daily, it's only natural that you start experimenting with new ingredients to fill in any gaps or add to the fun of the changes. We're confident that when you buy amaranth for these or any other reasons, you certainly won't be sorry! Buy Amaranth, Goodbye Hunger! While there is no food that will keep us full forever, we are all keenly aware that the ability to keep hunger at bay varies widely from one food to another. Most of us are also aware that if we want to eat something that will not only fill us up, but also bring bountiful benefits along for the ride, we should look for foods high in protein in fiber. With 6 grams of each in just a ¼ cup serving, amaranth more than fits the bill! With this in mind many people buy amaranth to use in breakfast foods and pre-workout snacks. Buy Amaranth and Find Happiness! Amaranth is a central ingredient in a popular Mexican treat called alegria, a name which translates to 'joy', 'happy' or 'happiness', depending on the source! One delicious bite and you'll understand how this delicacy earned its name. If your family doesn't have their own recipe for alegria, there are many tempting options available online. A few things you'll need to do in preparation are to buy amaranth (which you'll pop, incidentally!) and honey, and think of what else you might want to incorporate. While we have seen alegria bars referred to as the Mexican food version of Rice Krispies Treats, we find them to be heartier in a way that isn't at all negative. I personally love both alegria and those terrific Rice Krispies Treats, so this isn't to take away from either, but I find Rice Krispies Treats lighter and more definitely a snack, while alegria can work as both a treat and breakfast if I mix in the right ingredients. Since making alegria is always on my mind when I buy amaranth, I'm also sure to stock up on favorite additional ingredients whenever I do. These include dried blueberries, sliced almonds, pepitas, banana chips and cocoa powder! We hope that when you buy amaranth from, you have a lot of fun with it. While it is one of the most nutritious grains available, it is also importantly versatile and fun to cook with. Even if you only use it to make alegria bars, we know you'll be back for more!

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