Bulk Jordan Almonds Make for Sweet Ending to Your Wedding Reception

Traditionally, Jordan almonds grew out of the tradition of serving almonds at celebrations in ancient Rome. During the Renaissance, almonds were garnished with honey for enjoying during special occasions. Then, in 15th century Italy, it is believed that the first sugared almonds made their appearance. Since that time, Jordan almonds have evolved into a classic celebratory treat that's present at weddings, christenings, baby showers, and many other special occasions.

Weddings are particularly significant when it comes to Jordan almonds. In fact, there's a traditional poem that goes along with Jordan almonds when they're served at a wedding reception:

Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat

To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.

Five wishes for the new husband and wife --

Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!


Made to represent the bitter sweetness of married life, Jordan almonds are a traditional and time honored way to celebrate your marriage. At Superior Nut Store, we want to help you capture this wonderful tradition in a way that is sure to be remembered with our selection of bulk Jordan almonds. Available in a rainbow of colors, our bulk Jordan almonds are just the thing needed to send your guests off with something sweet at the end of your wedding reception.

To capture the simplicity and sweetness of Jordan almonds on your wedding day, simply purchase a selection of bulk Jordan almonds, wedding favor bags, and a few craft supplies. Put five Jordan almonds into each bag and attach on a small slip of paper that has the poem listed above. Then, place these favors at every place setting at your reception. Or, if you'd rather, place these bags and poems near the entrances and exits of your reception area so that guests can grab one as they leave.  You can even tie in the wishing aspect of the poem by setting up a wishing well near the Jordan almonds where every guest can write down five wishes for the bride and groom!

Tie together a beautiful wedding reception with the help of our selection of bulk Jordan almonds. Choose the traditional white for your wedding or go with different shades to match your wedding colors. It's up to you! We have plenty of bulk Jordan almond varieties for you to choose from and each and every one are perfect for celebrating your big day.

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