Healthy Gift Baskets Full of Fabulous Flavor: You?re Sure to Go Nuts Over Them!

Sending a gift basket is a sweet way to congratulate someone, show your enthusiasm for an accomplishment, or express your concern for an event in the recipients' life. It's easy to see, however, when browsing many of the gift baskets services available online, that very few offer healthy gift baskets for the more health-conscious consumer. While receiving a basket of cookies is a welcomed gift for some, for others ' particularly those following a specific diet or who are recovering from a procedure ' it can be a bittersweet affair. In this instance, choosing one of the many healthy gift baskets available at Superior Nut Store can be an ideal choice. Types of Healthy Gift Baskets Don't be fooled ' Superior Nut Store most certainly doesn't equate healthy with boring or bland! Our gift baskets are packed with treats that will intrigue the taste buds and delight the waist line. We offer dozens of delectable and health-conscious offerings in our healthy gift baskets selection that are filled with some of the best dried fruits and nuts on the market. Indulging in our sweeter samplings such as chocolate covered almonds, peanut brittle and baked goods can satisfy a sweet tooth without sabotaging a healthy diet. Here's a few top recommendations'

  • The ever-popular Extraordinary Snack Basket includes pistachios, glazed apricots, chocolate covered pecans and more. Best of all, the items in the basket that contain dairy are made with certified kosher dairy. This gift basket packs a powerful punch in terms of quality, taste and value!
  • Another healthy favorite is the Deluxe Fruit and Nut Tray, which offers two pounds of fresh and delicious pistachios, dried pears, strawberries and mangoes, among other fruit. This makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It is especially well suited as a gift for events or parties, as it's delivered on a party tray for a ready-to-use presentation.
Additional Products In addition to our healthy gift baskets, our most popular items include our various offerings of specialty nuts. Bulk nuts are also offered for customers with a desire for a higher volume than our typical gift items provide ' the everyday snackers, bakers and cooks who just can't get enough! Baked goods such as coffee cake, nut butters and chocolate covered fruit and nuts are popular items that many of our customers enjoy, and we are excited to offer many themed items for various holidays.

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