How To Choose Candy Buffet Candy For Your Next Party

If you want to incorporate a candy buffet into your next party, but don’t know what kind of candy to purchase, let Superior Nut Store provide you with the advice and candies you need. You know that a candy buffet is more sophisticated than putting some candy bars in a bowl and telling your guests to dig in, but what candy buffet candy should you use'

The first thing you should consider is what you want your candy buffet candy to look like. Do you want a variety of different candy or do you want to stick to one kind' When you display a variety of different candy types, you might opt to limit your color palette to one or two hues. But if you’re planning on sticking to one kind of candy, such as hard or soft candy, you can open up your range of colors because the texture of your candy will be uniform.

If you decide on hard candies, you can focus on an assortment of malted milk balls, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, Jordan almonds, mint lentils, or gourmet gumballs. These candies make great display items and really invite your guests to take a bite. Because they last a while, some people prefer hard candies at their functions because party-goers can enjoy one or two of the candies while at the party and still have some for later.

Because of your guests, or your personal preference, you may choose to incorporate more soft candy buffet candy. In that case you’ll want to focus on our colorful licorice pastels, dark chocolate cordials, jelly candy, or some traditional chocolate nonpareils—a favorite of yesteryear. Foiled chocolate hearts are also a lovely addition to any candy buffet for their heartwarming design and taste.

“Tall” candy buffet candy is often displayed in high glasses or glass bottles. Rock Candy sticks are an eye-catching offering in this category. For an even more vintage vibe in your candy buffet, you can incorporate Bonomo Turkish Taffy, once a staple of Coney Island and enjoyed by generations. These tall taffies in their old-fashioned packaging are sure to remind some of your guests of very fond memories!

You will enjoy adding candy buffet candy to your next party or social gathering, and your guests will thank you for it. So don’t wait to start choosing the perfect candy. Start selecting the right candy styles and colors today—and pick out something special for yourself as a treat for putting all this together. You deserve it!

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