A Cornucopia of Gummy Candy at Superior Nut

Hailing from Europe, gummy candy made its debut in the 1920s with the Dancing Bear, a precursor to the popular Gummi Bear of today. Similar, but not quite identical, to wine gum style candies like Swedish Fish, gummy candy is sure to delight anybody who remembers it from their childhood and to make anyone who hasn't tried it before fall in love with its sweet fruit flavors and unique texture.

That unique, rubbery texture found in gummy candy comes from gelatin. And it isn't limited to just bears ' around the world, confectioners make gummy candy in the shape of jewelry, animals, fruits, vegetables, popular characters like the Smurfs and even foods like cheeseburgers. In the United Kingdom, the most popular candies are Jelly Babies ' famously a favorite of the late Beatle George Harrison.

Here at Superior Nut Company, we're proud to bring you a selection of delectable gummy candy, including Gummy Bears. Like a lot of our gummy candy, you can get Gummy Bears in a one pound bag or a five pound case, but those aren't your only options. Experience two great tastes going great together by snagging a bag of chocolate covered Gummy Bears, enrobed in rich milk chocolate. If white chocolate is more to your liking, we cover our Gummy Bears in white chocolate, too!

If you prefer your gummy candy to come with a shot of sour, don't worry! You can also find Sour Patch Kids at Superior Nut. Sour Patch Kids are a sweet gummy candy with a super sour sugar coating on the outside.

In addition to gummy candy, our lineup of delicious confectionary snacks like chocolate covered pretzels, nonpareils, Jordan almonds, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Sixlets, decadent cordials, and more ' in addition to our lineup of fresh-roasted and raw nuts and dried fruits. We've been serving you the best snacks in New England since 1929 and we're still just as committed to making sure that our snack specialties are the best there are.

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