Move Over, Peanuts? It?s Time for Cashew Butter to Take the Stage!

OK, to be fair, the title doesn't 100% reflect how we feel. While we are indeed head over heels in love with rich, creamy cashew butter, we've still got plenty of love for peanut butter, too! But peanut butter doesn't really need extra attention. Everyone knows about it, almost everyone agrees that it's amazing, and it's something many of us incorporate into our diet quite often. As for the many other just-as-awesome nut butters' As they aren't as widely available, and don't earn nearly as much space on supermarket shelves, they can fly a bit under the radar. That's why we're dedicating this article to cashew butter, for which we have nothing but unflinching adoration. Whether cashews are your favorite nut, or you're just looking to mix things up a bit, we definitely recommending giving a tub a try! Cashew Butter is a Smoothie's Best Friend It seems as though every few years smoothies make a major comeback, and they are bigger now than they've perhaps ever been. Not only are people incorporating more ingredients into their smoothies, including unique additions like energy-boosting cashew butter, kale, chia seeds, and flax seeds, but the blenders available on the market are by and large better than anything we could have imagined a decade ago. These super-powered blenders make it easy to mix ingredients of varying consistencies beautifully, meaning that the end result won't be a roughly chopped up frozen strawberry with some ice and cashew butter stuck to it! Try adding a tablespoon or two of cashew butter to your next smoothie and see what you think of the difference it makes. In addition to adding creaminess and nuttiness, you'll also be boosting the nutritional benefits with iron, protein, B vitamins and more. We even read that Arnold Schwarzenegger regularly ate cashew butter during his bodybuilding days, so it's also great for those trying to build muscle! It Does All the Things Peanut Butter Does, Too' Looking for a spread for your toast' Or perhaps something to slather on a celery stick or apple slice' Or maybe you're dreaming of cookies, cakes or pies, or have some pretzel rods just begging for something special' Try some cashew butter instead of peanut butter and appreciate the taste difference! We don't imagine we'll ever give up peanut butter completely ' even though other nut butters offer a host of their own benefits, peanut butter earned its place as a favorite with good reason! But experimenting with cashew butter, pistachio butter, hazelnut butter and others offers a better rounded flavor experience and nutritional boost. You might also find that there are recipes or snacks for which you prefer a nut butter other than peanut. For me, there's no beating macadamia butter for toast, and no match for cashew butter on a buttery cracker!

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