Healthy Food Gift Baskets Full of Nuts, Dried Fruits and Flavor!

Some occasions call for a specific present, but many holidays will leave even an astute gift buyer without a clue. Your parents' anniversary, older brother's birthday and Father's Day are just a few of the many examples. helps out by providing pre-packaged healthy food gift baskets with the highest quality nuts and fruits sure to delight any snack lover. If you are looking for a unique gift idea that will remove the stress of giving for years to come, you can't do better than bringing together delicious snack foods that are also nutritious and healthy. Even if the recipient is trying to lose weight or watch their diet for other reasons, there are healthy food gift baskets that fit the bill beautifully without sacrificing on flavor that feels oh-so-indulgent. Fruits and Nuts Get ready for your taste buds to dance! The delights begin with the Holiday Gourmet Nut Basket. This 3.5 pound extravaganza of healthy treats includes a large variety of gourmet snacks sure to satisfy a light snacker for months. Amongst the buffet are giant whole cashews, colossal California pistachios and the deluxe Superior mixed nuts. For your special someone with a sweet tooth, you have several healthy food gift baskets available. The 2 and 3.5 lb. fruit baskets offer a tantalizing array of dried fruits, which are both naturally decadent and good for you. Dried pears, cherries, pineapples, apricots and mango slices are simply impossible to resist. The All Natural Nut Gift Basket delivers about two pounds of almonds, cashews, walnuts, shelled pistachios and jumbo apricots. Your loved ones who enjoy their sweets but have to watch sugar intake are not left out of the taste sensation either! The Sugar-Free Supreme is one of several healthy food gift baskets perfect for these individuals. Pistachios and cashews share this basket alongside chocolate-covered cashews and almonds. This makes a great choice for diabetics. Presentation You can always purchase ingredients separately to make your own healthy food gift baskets, however, our baskets combine gourmet delicacies with visually appealing containers, making it easy to send a great gift that puts the 'present' in presentation! Many are held in an attractive wicker tray that can be used again and again.

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