Choosing Great Gift Nut Tins & Towers For Every Occasion

Are you always on the lookout for elegant and affordable gifts for friends and family' It can be difficult to find meaningful and useful gifts that are appropriate for everyone on your list. But no matter what the occasion, gifting nut baskets, tins and towers is an excellent way to pamper your friends. When you're searching for the perfect gift nuts, look for baskets and tins that you can customize based on the occasion. They become that much more personal and special when you take the time to find just the right gift. Here are a few of our favorite nut gift ideas for different occasions: Christmas: The holidays are the perfect time to send someone a gift tin of nuts and dried fruit! We package ours in elegant tins festooned with red ribbons, perfect for giving and getting during the holidays. They'll certainly appreciate a snack gift when the rest of the family comes over and they need some goodies to share. Of course, they might want to keep these for after everyone goes home so they don't have to share! Hanukkah: Like Christmas, Hanukkah is a great time for sending a gift of nuts to your friends and family. Special consideration needs to be taken when choosing gifts for any Jewish holiday as they'll need to be Kosher. Kosher nut gifts need to meet the criteria of Jewish law, which covers the way the food was processed, what utensils used during the production, and the type of food. Birthdays: Birthday gift nuts make a wonderful surprise treat! Have them shipped to their office or have them waiting at home when they get out of work. With a huge variety of nuts and fruits, you can find a gift that even the pickiest eater will love. Get Well: When someone is under the weather, you want to give a thoughtful gift, either one that will fight boredom or help speed their recovery. A gift of nuts and dried fruit is an excellent choice because of the vitamins and minerals they contain. They're a great choice for those on the mend! Thank You: There are so many ways to tell someone thank you. Whether it's a business gift or a hostess gift, say thanks with a gift of nuts. There are baskets and towers for every price range, so whether it's a big thanks or just a little one, you can let them know how much you appreciate them!

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