Healthy Filling Snacks that Don?t Weigh You Down

I have a lot of friends who try to keep their snacks below 100 calories, with many striving for 80 calorie snacks. While there are many healthy choices that fall in this range, such as a small amount of fruit or one cookie, it's important to remember that calories translate to energy, and if you don't get enough of them, you're going to be tired and still hungry. If you work your snacks into your daily calorie count thoughtfully, allotting yourself enough calories for each snack at the right time for you, you'll quickly find you're a lot more satisfied, and your blood sugar levels will likely be happier as well! Personally, I'm a big snacker. When hunger hits and lunch or dinner is two or more hours away, it doesn't serve anyone ' my body included ' for me to wait. Luckily, I learned a long time ago that planning ahead is key in ensuring I have healthy filling snacks at the ready all the time. And to make things even more exciting, I usually pack them up in cute and colorful containers. Hey ' it's the little things in life! As for my favorite healthy filling snacks'

  • I love Greek yogurt
  • I crave fresh and dried fruits
  • I'm always up for popcorn
  • Peanut butter is my best friend
  • Hummus and whole wheat pretzels are never too far away
  • Homemade popsicles with fruit and almond milk are proof that the universe is good and giving!
I also am quite the trail mix aficionado, making up a batch full of my own favorites every week, switching up the ingredients to include all types of nuts and seeds, dark chocolate chips, wasabi peas, mochi rice cakes, and pretty much whatever else catches my eye in the pantry. Yet, for all the ingredients I choose between with each batch, there is one that finds its way into every recipe, and that is one of the most healthy filling snacks I know' pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin Seeds: You don't have to wait until Halloween to enjoy these healthy goodies ' offers them up fresh all year long! Whether you prefer your pumpkin seeds in the shell or without the shell (pepitas), you can snack happy knowing they are both yummy and great for you. Manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper, protein and antioxidants; you'll find all these good things and more inside those small but mighty seeds. Studies have even shown that pumpkin seeds can provide relief of menopause symptoms, improve insulin regulation, support prostate health, and help keep your immune system on track. So there are a few of my favorite healthy filling snacks. What are yours' Please share on the Superior Nut Facebook or Superior Nut Twitter!

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