Indulge In Chocolate Covered Almonds

Almonds are sweet and delicious, and a staple of plenty of classic desserts. Amaretti, torrone, marzipan, macaroon cookies, fried Marcona almonds, sohan barfi in Indian cuisine and even an almond soft drink called soumada found in Greece. And for those who prefer a digestif to a dessert, there's Amaretto ' an almond liqueur.

But for many almond lovers, the best way to enjoy their favorite delectable drupe is the simplest ' covered in decadent chocolate. That's why Superior Nut Company has tons of chocolate covered almonds just waiting for you to nosh on.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds ' A Sweet Escape

Semisweet or bittersweet chocolate is still in vogue because of its antioxidant properties (and also because of how great this more bitter take on chocolate tastes), and the rich, slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate is a good counterpoint to the natural sweetness of almonds. The almonds are roasted right here at Superior Nut Company, so you know your chocolate covered almonds will be fresh, especially since 99% of orders ship the same day.

Enjoy your chocolate covered almonds in a canister or a one pound bag. If you don't want to eat them all yourself, give them as a gift in a chocolate covered almonds gift box or gift tin. Our gift items even come with an optional personalized greeting card, so the recipient knows who to thank for all the almondy goodness.

For more chocolate covered almond amazingness, try our signature Jordan Almonds! Why are they our signature' Well, taste them. Normally, Jordan almonds are roasted almonds with a thin candy shell, but we've added a layer of milk chocolate under the candy shell to make an even more perfect treat. Our chocolate covered Jordan almonds are available in black, white, blue and white or black and white. They're a great choice to give as wedding favors.

Whether you try our chocolate covered almond bark, our Jordan almonds or any of our other snack specialties, you can trust Superior Nut to deliver fresh, delicious food right to your door from our Cambridge, MA headquarters. Enjoy your own helping of chocolate covered almonds.

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