Let Bulk Organic Seeds Be a Building Block to a Healthier Diet

Are you among the many people trying to improve your everyday diet, cutting back on the foods that do more harm than good, replacing them with nutrition powerhouses that also pack a flavor punch' Well, it's nice to meet you, as I'm part of that group as well! Working at, with tons of terrific food at my fingertips, definitely does help me in my journey. From bulk organic seeds to every nut my taste buds can think of to crave, my food pantry is covered. But for as much as having all these wonderfully tasty and good-for-me ingredients easily available has helped, it wasn't convenience that filled my cupboards with bulk organic seeds, dried fruits, nutritious nuts and more. It was the simple, yet oh-so-difficult realization that for the most part, what we buy is what we eat. Step One: Accept Responsibility for the Food in Your Home Admittedly, it took me awhile to master this one, and that's in part because I made some smart food decisions. However, for every wise choice I made, I countered it with at least one poor one. For example, I would buy bulk organic seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, and lean meats from a local farm. But I would also buy chocolate bars, cheese-flavored tortilla chips and soda pop to wash it all down. My refrigerator and pantry looked like it had been stocked by two different people, but alas, it was only me! I gave myself permission for these poor food choices by reasoning that denying myself of junk food that I loved would lead my ultimate goal of changing the way I eat astray. And while I do think it's important to indulge in less-than-ideal foods from time to time, I was lying to myself. It wasn't about keeping myself on track; it was about avoiding the track altogether and continuing to eat the same junk food I'd always eaten. While the fruit, vegetables, and bulk organic seeds may have spoiled after too long a stay on the counter or in the food closet, the chips, chocolate bars and soda pop never even came close to their expiration date before finding their way to my mouth. Even though it might seem like the most obvious thing in the world, there was a very real part of me that didn't grasp the idea that my groceries were all the result of conscious decisions. There was no chocolate chip cookie fairy dropping them in my cart ' those tortilla chips didn't come with the house! No, I was responsible for every last edible, and if I wanted to make any changes to what those edibles were, I had to accept that completely and soon. So'I did. As long as it took for the light bulb to turn on, once it did it stayed lit. Note: You Will Eat What You Buy, So Only Buy What You Want to Eat! With the exception of eating food outside the home or ordering food in, the vast majority of what you eat will be what you've filled your cupboards and refrigerator with. If you're thirsty and your options are milk, water and tea, you'll drink milk, water or tea! If you want to have a snack or bake something and your closet contains bulk organic seeds, you will snack on or bake with bulk organic seeds! It seems like it can't possibly be that easy, but if you let it be, it really is. Fill your home with the foods you want to eat, cut yourself off from ordering delivery or stopping for fast food, and you'll not only be eating better, but chances are good you might also try some new things and find the fun in food again. Instead of plopping down in front of the television with a greasy grab-and-go burger you'll be finding fabulous recipes online to make the most of your bulk organic seeds and more! We like to think of it as similar to the 'butterfly effect' ' the idea that something as seemingly small as buying bulk organic seeds, fruits and vegetables instead of food full of empty calories will not only alter what you eat, but also how you feel, how you look, the things you do, and so much more. Only one way to find out, right'

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