Treat Yourself to Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts: Better Than Candy!

The macadamia nut has long been favored across every island of Hawaii. Now, you can enjoy them as a sweet indulgence, coated in your choice of chocolate. These roasted chocolate covered macadamia nuts can be richly coated with your choice of dark or milk chocolate, both of which provide a perfect complement to this popular nut. Hawaiian macadamia nuts offer dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein and unsaturated fat. In fact, over 80% of the fat in the nut is the healthier, unsaturated type. Unsaturated fats have been associated with lowered cholesterol levels. A 2008 study at the Pennsylvania State University demonstrated that, after 30-days on a diet based on macadamia nuts, participants had lower cholesterol levels than those in the "control" group. Macadamias also contain very high levels of paimitoleic fatty acid, a quality fat commonly found in fish oil. As a result, macadamia nuts have been recommended as part of a heart-healthy diet. Dark chocolate in general offers a greater concentration of beneficial ingredients like antioxidants than other varieties. Antioxidants positively impact the free radicals that relate to aging. At the same time, high-quality cocoa butter and other top-of-the-line ingredients make for a great taste. We call that a win-win, and we're confident you'll agree! Of course, the taste of dark and milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts is sumptuous indeed. A bag of these are perfect while all snuggled up, watching a movie at home. As a gift, they'll delight recipients of all ages. Give them for the holidays, birthdays, or "just because." The creamy consistency of the macadamia nut, when combined with smooth, rich chocolate, can't be beat. Add these to your shopping cart today, and get ready for plenty of 'yums!' once they arrive. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are a great gift idea. The macadamia nut from Hawaii is enjoyed by most people. Select from dark chocolate or milk chocolate varieties. Customer reviews of these nuts suggest their popularity whether delivered by the bag, gift tin, or in a gift box. There's no wrong way to receive chocolate covered macadamia nuts!

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