California Apricots For Elegant Entertaining

Entertaining guests is easy, as long as you have the right foods to keep their taste buds satisfied. But what foods can suit just about any occasion, no matter what its level of formality' If you're like most hosts, you may question what foods to put out in order to not only suit the occasion but also to please your guests. You want to reflect hospitality and caring in your food choices, so it's important to try to choose offerings that suit the occasion. If you're hosting a backyard barbecue, think casual and cool, with crisp and seasonal foods. Fresh fruits, veggies, sharp cheeses and crisp crackers are usually popular choices that compliment well with the atmosphere as well as the rest of the menu. Want something perfect for a housewarming' A blend of sharp and aged cheeses, seasoned meats, crusty breads, and olives offer a much heartier welcome to those you invite into your home. Not to mention, this type of greeting is a great way to prepare the palette for a flavorful dinner. Finally, if you're thinking about hosting an elegant occasion, remember that decadence and attention to detail are going to be key. You want to choose aged cheeses, artisan breads, and spreads that celebrate the rich, natural powers of herbs. You want to accent those savory tastes with something sweet, like fine chocolates, buttery nuts, and dried fruits that offer a varied experience for the palette. You want to put out some of the California Apricots from As the ideal fit for the elegant occasion, California Apricots offer the sweet, succulent taste that you love while remaining easy enough for you to incorporate into any occasion, without worrying about being a gourmet. Able to compliment a wide variety of cheeses, wine, and other starters, California Apricots are the perfect fit for a dressed up dinner party, reception, or gala. Display them beautifully on their own in a decorate dish or combine them on a platter with other cheeses, fruits, and complimentary treats.

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