Sweet and Succulent Dried Figs ? A Dried Fruit Favorite at Superior Nut!

While the health benefits of enjoying dried fruits aren't far from people's minds when they buy them, a fresh texture and taste is of great importance as well. We offer more than 2 dozen delectable varieties of dried fruit at Superior, and dried figs are a customer favorite year-round. One bite is all it takes to understand what makes them such an indulgent choice: sweet, moist, and the perfect 'chew' factor. offers 3 varieties of dried figs to choose from: Calimyrna, Mission, and Turkish. Here are a few ways to enjoy each' Turkish Dried Figs + Chicken + Walnuts When you hunt around the internet looking for Turkish figs recipes ' as we're sure you will, like we did! ' chances are good you'll come across more than one that combines them with chicken and walnuts. Just like peanut butter and jelly, just like cookies and milk ' Turkish dried figs, chicken and walnuts work culinary wonders together. We came across recommended sides of risotto and green beans, and if that doesn't sound perfect, I don't know what does! Mission Figs + Cheese When we first started our search for mission figs recipes, the early results showed they were quite popularly paired with goat cheese. Being a fan of both, and knowing their flavors well, we understand completely! But then other cheeses started to come into the flavorful fray ' cheeses like feta, gorgonzola, and blue. The dried figs and cheese are often combined to serve as a tempting topper for crostini, or addition to a salad. We couldn't pick just one favorite, but we hope we've offered enough inspiration to fuel your own searches! With so many marvelous recipes online, I have found that I can search almost any combination of ingredients and turn up something wonderful. Calimyrna Figs + Lamb Chops OK, the recipes for Calimyrna dried figs and lamb chops have us seriously hungry! Not only do these two make the perfect couple, but the other ingredients that are often involved are among my personal favorites. Think pomegranate seeds, fresh mint, red wine, pine nuts, walnuts, garlic, olive oil, and' need I say more' Do yourself a serious favor and search 'Calimyrna figs and lamb'. Just be warned that if you're hungry, you're about to get hungrier!

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