Chocolate Nonpareils ?A Nostalgic Treat

You've probably enjoyed some classic chocolate nonpareils at the movie theater, or even as a child visiting grandma and grandpa. Many people know them as snow caps ' those tiny little drops of rich chocolate covered in white sugar sprinkles. You don't see them quite as often as you used to, but these classic treats are still a favorite of many people around the world. The word 'nonpareil' comes from the French and is said to mean that these little candies were 'without equal' for the intricate decoration of cookies, cakes and other desserts. Their use has been recorded in cook books dating back to the 18th century as decoration for a variety of cakes. Outside of use in the chocolate nonpareils, the nonpareil candy has mostly been replaced by the softer sprinkle. Even so, the demand for the chocolate nonpareil lives on. At the Superior Nut Company, we've tested and reworked our chocolate nonpareils to make them just like the ones we used to enjoy as children. We take our delicious classic dark chocolate and mold it into flat disks which are coated with the finest white candy sugar beads. They absolutely melt in your mouth and make a perfect sweet treat during the day or for special occasions. With the rise in popularity of candy buffet tables at weddings around the country, chocolate nonpareils have found new life! The pure white nonpareils make them a perfect favor for weddings, and they work well with just about any color scheme. Add a few to a small organza bag, or leave out a larger bowl and let your guests help themselves throughout the evening. Whatever the occasion, it's always a good idea to keep some nonpareils on hand. Set them out for unexpected guests or give them as a gift. People will appreciate the timeless look and taste of these classic treats on any occasion!

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