Save Yourself from Boring Snacks with Chocolate Covered Orange Peel Slices!

Their magnificent coupling may not get as much press as chocolate and peanut butter, but once you’ve enjoyed the divine pairing of chocolate and orange, there’s no looking back! Our chocolate covered orange peel treats make a most satisfying snack, and are among the most unique ways we know to indulge in this mouthwatering flavor combination.


One of the best ways to enjoy a chocolate covered orange peel slice is also the simplest – just eat it like it is! Whether you prefer them at room temperature or fresh from the refrigerator, chocolate covered orange peels are a perfect snack all by themselves. But they also play well with others, from brownies to yogurt and beyond. Let’s take a look…


  • Dip them in yogurt! Sometimes plain yogurt can get a bit boring, especially if you eat it every day. Luckily, there are countless ways to add extra nutrition and taste to your yogurt, from tossing in a few nuts to cutting some fresh fruit to swirl in. Another fun and flavorful way to enjoy yogurt is to use it as a dip, and our chocolate covered orange peel slices are perfect for taking the plunge. Other delightful yogurt dippers include candied lemon peels, pretzel rods and even licorice twists!


  • Top off a basic but well-loved dessert. Are there extra ingredients you can add to your favorite chocolate nut brownies or cake' Of course! But sometimes simple is just right, and adding things just to add them takes away from the desired effect. When you want to add some extra visual interest to a dessert without sacrificing your tried-and-true recipe, consider laying a chocolate covered orange peel atop each piece. It will add something special while  offering guests a unique, flavorful treat to try. It will also preserve the unaltered flavor of the favorite dessert beneath!


  • Can’t get enough chocolate and orange' Combine it with caffeine for a tasty espresso treat! Orange Mochas, also commonly known as Mocha Valencias, can be found at many coffee shops and cafes, and were once available at Starbucks, though we haven’t seen them on the menu in years. But whether a café close to you has one or not, making your own can be simple – especially since you can modify the recipe however you like, or simply buy a regular Café Mocha and add some orange syrup! There are many recipes online for making your own orange syrup from oranges and/or orange zest, and it is also available by the bottle in many locations.

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