Creative Uses for Medjool Dates

Dried fruits are great for sticking with a routine of healthy snacking and eating. They are delicious to eat and quick to satisfy, providing sugar for energy and fiber for fullness. Some consider dried products like Medjool dates to be a luxury, but others make them a regular part of their diets (we know we do!). Whether you are looking for something different for snacking or whether you are a longtime fan of fruit, you can appreciate how nutritious, delicious, and ultra portable dried fruits can be! One of our absolute favorite dried fruits to snack on is the Medjool date, which we know you'll love. A serving of Medjool dates is approximately one ounce, containing approximately 66 calories. The easily absorbed sugars of this dried fruit are absorbed quickly in the body, making the fruit a quick source of energy that's great for a boost on the move, at work, or before a workout. Dates work wonderfully as snacks during hikes, long runs or bike rides, or just whenever you get a craving for something sweet. They can be carried whole or chopped and included in a trail mix or another snack blend. That's what makes these so great! Medjool dates also work wonderfully in various types of recipes. They are particularly relevant in the cuisine of the Middle East, but there are plenty of unique uses in American cooking. One of the simplest uses is as a topping. Dried fruit has become a popular ingredient in many healthy salads, adding a bit of sweetness to offset the crunch, tang, or sourness of other ingredients, such as vinegar-based dressings, citrus, or nuts. Raisins, dried cranberries and other sweet add-ins have been included in everything from the classic spinach salad to salads that include a variety of exotic ingredients! Chopped pieces of dates can equally be incorporated into a homemade chef's salad to add a sweet contrast to more savory croutons and meats. Try them in place of dried cranberries in your next salad recipe. Plus, dried dates can be used to top more than just salads. Top cereals, yogurt, granola or oatmeal with this sweet treat. Medjool dates can also be used in creating saucy toppings for grains. Boiling the fruit in order to soften it is followed by use of a blender to create a puree, which can then be customized with other sauce ingredients. If you are feeling adventurous, you may want to experiment by creating flavor combinations of dates and nuts, dates and chocolate, or dates and other fruits -it's up to you! For example, adding chopped Medjool dates and nuts to banana breads or muffins is simple and delicious. You can create a pureed date spread for use in a rolled bread, or ty incorporating a puree of dates into your holiday sweet roll filling. There are just so many possibilities! Best of all, they can be enjoyed on their own as a marvelous, indulgent treat.

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