Finding Unique Twists On Jordan Almond Favors

It's been a staple of weddings, bridal showers and baby showers for years. You've gotten them as favors, or seen them set out in cute little dishes. Jordan Almond favors are a classic gift at the major celebrations in life, and are almost expected at most weddings today. While we adore traditional favors, sometimes it's fun to mix things up a bit, isn't it' Jordan almond wedding favors are so popular because of what they symbolize. The almond is a traditional symbol of life itself, and the bitter taste that may accompany a fresh almond is symbolic for the hardships we each face in our daily lives. The candy coating is a hope for the bride and groom that their life will be filled with more sweetness than hardship as the days go on. If you want to have jordan almond favors in your wedding, but aren't quite sold on the traditional presentations (organza bags), we've come up with a few fun alternatives for passing out these sweet treats on your big day: Champagne Glasses ' if you want to pair your Jordan almond favors up with a little bit more permanent keepsake, why not leave a champagne glass at each place setting filled with almonds in your color scheme. Any glass will work ' if you two are known for making a mean margarita, by all means fill a margarita glass instead! Candy Buffet ' The colorful candy buffet table is a hot trend these days, and for good reason ' it's fun! Let guests pick their own favors from a variety of candies and snacks, including jordan almonds. You can fill up a large clear glass apothecary jar with almonds in your wedding colors as a wonderful centerpiece to the display. On The Cake ' Ok, maybe not literally on the cake, though it would be interesting to see. What you can do is take your Jordan almond favors and sprinkle them around the base of the cake, and then have a few served with each piece after the cutting. If you're not sure how much your guests like the almonds, this is a great way to including something you love without overwhelming them. Whatever method you choose, adding Jordan almonds into your wedding is a wonderful and classic tradition.

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