Buying Gourmet Nuts: Our Must Know Tips

What makes a certain type of food 'gourmet'' When you're looking for a healthy, luxurious treat for you and your family, you've probably considered gourmet nuts and fruits. At Superior Nut Company, we do our best to only choose the highest quality ingredients when making our products, and we've set our own standard for what makes something 'gourmet'. All gourmet food, including nuts, can be defined by it's high quality, accurate preparation, and artistic presentation. But what exactly does that mean' Let's take a look at each of these qualities and how they apply to gourmet fruits and nuts. Quality ' The quality of the nuts are the first cornerstone of being gourmet. How and where are they grown' What kind of nuts actually make it into the product you're buying' Lush, whole cashews, or just bits and pieces' Gourmet nuts are going to consist of the best of the best ' whole, large and fresh. They'll be cooked in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Gourmet nuts should also be grown in a way that's sustainable. Organically grown nuts and companies like Superior Nut that look to balance their emissions with initiatives like the Billion Tree Campaign. When time and care is taken to eliminate the negative impact of producing the nuts, you can be sure the same care was taken to prepare them. Preparation ' The next important thing to consider is how the nuts are actually prepared. Gourmet nuts can be served plain, salted, smoked or roasted. They should never been burnt or brittle. It's very popular to serve nuts dipped in gourmet chocolate. If so, look for smooth, rich chocolate and a thick coating. Even if the nuts are prepared in a factory, you can tell when there's been a human touch and their preparation has been monitored carefully! Presentation ' The fun part of gourmet foods is how they are presented! Colorful and engaging packaging should catch your eye and make for a great looking gift. Elegant packaging like gourmet nut towers make a memorable and delightful presentation. It puts them a step above the plain packages you might buy for baking and cooking. Now that you know what you're looking for, why not browse some of our favorite gourmet treats'

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