Skip the Candy and Dig into Dried Mangoes!

An excellent source of Vitamin A with a full-bodied sweet, tangy taste, mouthwatering dried mangoes make an easy swap for treats packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Kicking the candy habit can be hard, especially as it’s so widely available, affordable, and varied in options. Candy also often carries a nostalgic edge for us; we remember eating certain candies with friends and family as kids, or receiving certain candies as gifts for our birthday or Christmas. These feel-good associations are not without their strengths. As if candy being tasty wasn’t enough, our emotions go and get involved, too! Yes, quitting ‘cold candy’ is a struggle all sweets-lovers who have tried to cut back before you understand all too well. But with foods like dried mangoes on your side, neither you nor your sweet tooth need suffer!


You Can Change Your Cravings


It might not happen overnight, and some may be tougher than others, but I know firsthand that it is possible to change not only what you feed your body, but also what it craves. Your body gets accustomed to the feelings certain foods bring – never give your body a food and it will never know how good or bad it can make you feel. On the flip side, when you introduce a variety of foods into your diet, your body has an opportunity to create smarter cravings.


Let’s say your blood sugar drops a bit and the only sweet thing you’ve ever fed your body is chocolate. Of course it’s going to crave chocolate to bring its sugar level back up; chocolate is all it knows! But if you introduce more healthful sweets to your body, like dried mangoes, dried peaches and dried strawberries, your body now has a much richer menu from which to craft a craving. It might still want chocolate or another candy from time to time for a number of reasons, but we’re confident you’ll find yourself craving dried fruits, too!


Think of the Change as a Treat


Our minds are more powerful than we can ever understand, and we can easily convince ourselves not to like something without even meaning to. Tell yourself that you’re eating fruits like dried mangoes as a punishment of sorts, and chances are good you won’t enjoy them as much as you otherwise might. Instead, create a positive message. Be happy about the changes you’re making in your life and diet; be proud and excited to try new things and experience how much more vibrant you can feel. Grab a handful of sliced or diced dried mangoes as if they’re the best candy you’ve ever eaten, and prepare yourself to like them even more than that. With dried mangoes being as nutritious and delicious as they are, enjoying them fully bite after bite shouldn’t be any trouble at all!

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