Licorice Candy: An Unexpected Treat

Licorice root is one of the most popular herbs in the world and has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and Hindus have used licorice for its stomach-soothing medicinal properties, however, as time went on, licorice root began to show up in confections. In the 17th century, sailors from Holland started to share licorice candies throughout Europe. Today, licorice is a popular candy that is enjoyed throughout the world. Different countries even have their own unique varieties of licorice candy! In the UK, licorice allsorts are incredibly popular. In Holland, salty licorice or salmiakki is a favorite. In America, we enjoy both red and black varieties of licorice with fruit flavors such as cherry, grape, and strawberry.

At, we've been enjoying a variety of licorice candies for quite some time. In fact, we've recently expanded our bulk candy section to include even more varieties of this fabulous teat. If you love eating licorice candy and want to stock up on some of your favorites, let help with some of these flavorful treats:

Good & Plenty Licorice Pastels: This classic pink and white candy is the perfect treat for anyone who loves licorice. Each Good & Plenty licorice candy features a piece of black licorice inside a candy-coated shell. Available in 1 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound bags. An ideal candy that's perfect for serving up as a wedding, shower, or party favor!

Licorice Pastels Candy: Need to brighten up a wedding candy buffet' Need a fun and colorful treat to serve up in goody bags' Then you'll love licorice pastel candy. These old time favorites feature licorice covered in a pastel candy shell. So good! Serve up licorice pastels at a baby shower or bridal shower for a pretty sweet treat! Available in 1 pound, 5 pound, or 10 pound quantities. We also offer petite pastels too!

Licorice Allsorts Candy: At, we carry the original Basset's Licorice Allsorts so that you can get a mixture of your favorite licorice flavors. A classic favorite that can be enjoyed at parties, as a snack, or anywhere else you need to be! A colorful choice that's great for adding into a candy buffet! Available in 1 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound quantities.

Find these favorites and more licorice candy in the original candy section on

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