Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds: Delicious and High in Protein and Fiber!

When it's time for a wonderfully indulgent daily candy alternative that offers some real nutritional benefit, consider dark chocolate covered almonds. Choose from both sugar-free and regular varieties. The savory California almond offers a host of nutritional goodness. They are rich in beneficial dietary fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. What's more, they include unsaturated fats known to be good for one's cardiovascular system. These almonds are roasted in-house, and a little salt is added. The crunchy texture of the almonds combines with the creamy consistency of the decadent dark chocolate to create a delicious taste treat. This is a food product that offers far more than empty calories! Also, opting for dark chocolate when selecting chocolate covered nuts offers other nutritional pluses. The antioxidant properties of dark chocolate are well-known, and they complement the antioxidants also present in the almonds. Modest amounts of these nutritional nuts may possibly contribute to overall heart health and lowered blood pressure levels when part of a an overall, healthy diet. They'll also contribute to your taste buds being mighty satisfied! Those on a sugar-conscious diet will appreciate the just-as-sumptuous alternative that the sugar-free variety offers. Our sugar-free, dark chocolate covered almonds are made palate-pleasingly possible by of an advanced sweetener. If you are concerned that taste will be compromised, don't be! No, taste is certainly not compromised with these almonds covered in cocoa-rich chocolate. The best of the dark chocolate covered almonds make use of recipes that produce richly satisfying chocolate. Any compromise on the quality and quantity of ingredients is often noticeable. Therefore, insist on only the highest quality dark chocolate for your chocolate-covered, gourmet-quality almonds. More specifically, insist on Superior Nut Company! Whether they're purchased by-the-pound or as a part of a gift box, gift tin or basket, these almonds will offer you, or those that you give them to, many pleasurable moments. Enjoy this excellent, all-around snack for the utmost in taste and very real nutritional benefits. Decidedly delicious, dark chocolate covered almonds add fiber, protein and delight to one's diet. They're a food that's an excellent daily candy alternative product that contributes to total nutriton. What is there not to love'

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