Medjool Dates: Tender, Succulent Treats

At, providing you with the best in gourmet dried fruit and nuts is our passion. We scour the planet for the most delicious and exotic flavors so that you can fully experience all the tastes of life. From rich textured fruits to buttery nuts, your taste buds will delight in any of the gourmet foods we offer. After all, isn't that what life is all about' Taste the best of the world at Not sure where you should start when it comes time to experience flavors from around the globe' Start out with the tastes of the Middle East by sampling one of the world's most beloved treats: dates. As a staple food in many Middle Eastern cultures, the date has a rich culture dating back thousands of years. From Egyptian kings to Arabian traders, dates have delighted and added zest to life. If you're interested in sampling this delicious fruit, look no further than to find one of the most soft and tender of varieties: Medjool dates. Once reserved for Moroccan royalty and their guests, Medjool dates are known as one of the most precious of date varieties and are considered to be prized for their large size, extraordinary sweetness, and almost chewy texture. If you're looking for the perfect snack or treat to serve at your next dinner party or occasion, Medjool dates are the perfect fit. Pair them with a selection of fine fruits, crackers, cheeses, and wine or serve them on their own as an unexpected treat during the holidays. The possiblities are endless for enjoying the taste. Just be sure that you're getting the best Medjool dates for your budget by shopping at When you want to enjoy Medjool dates, let serve up our finest. These dates are large, sweet, and juicy and certified to be organic by the CCOF, so you know that you're only the getting the best. Go ahead. Enjoy the flavor and taste of one of the world's most beloved fruits. Order your Medjool dates from today.

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