Bulk Sanding Sugar: A Baker?s Must-Have!

When it comes to making your own holiday desserts and off-season confections, fantastic results are made possible with the use of special ingredients. One of these that is sure to be a staple in the baker's pantry is bulk sanding sugar. Sanding sugar crystals have a larger diameter than finer sugars, which gives these crystals a couple of desirable qualities in baking. Why Use Bulk Sanding Sugar'
With a larger diameter, sanding sugar crystals are great for two purposes. They catch light and add a reflective glow. Sanding sugar is typically added at the end or near the end of the baking process as an alternative to other sugars that melt too quickly into a moist surface. Instead of melting, sanding sugar will stick to a moist surface. Potential Uses
One of the most popular uses is on the surface of freshly baked cookies. You might also add an appropriately colored sugar to the icing of cupcakes. When serving fruity or signature drinks, sanding sugar may be added to the rim of glasses to approximate salt or as a colorful addition. Some people even use this sugar on doughnuts in lieu of confectioner's sugar. Since experimentation is easy, bulk sanding sugar is a great choice for anyone who bakes frequently, or for restaurants, bakers, and confectioners. For those with limited space and room in the household budget, one bag of uncolored bulk sanding sugar is all that's needed to get started. Experiments with this will give you a better idea of how the ingredient works with different pastries and recipes. When it's time to coordinate colors, there are two options. You can order bags of the sugar pre-mixed with chosen colors, or you can make your own! The process is fairly simple and involves only the sanding sugar, cornstarch and a gel food coloring. The coloring is added to the sugar in a heavy-duty bag and mixed gently to avoid breaking crystals. After color is distributed, cornstarch is added to break up clumps and return the consistency of sugar. Whether it's white, lavender or another color, search for bulk sanding sugar to top off your drinks or desserts!

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