Nostalgic Candy Makes for the Best Birthday Gift!

Our favorite foods are packed with more than flavor; many are also packed with tons of terrific memories. Every time I eat a pistachio I remember my mom trying her best to get me to eat them as a kid. After refusing what must have been 100 times, I finally caved and cracked open the shell. Needless to say, it wasn't long before I was asking for another and another! The same holds true for many things, from our grandmother's lemon meringue pie, to the sweet nostalgic candy we'd buy at the corner store. We love all these things because they taste wonderful, but also because of the role they have played in our lives, and in our interactions with the people and places who mean the most. When it comes time to gift a close friend, family member or significant other, we often put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to make a splash. Perhaps a fancy watch will work best, or a grand weekend getaway' While these are nice options, there's something much cheaper and tastier to consider: nostalgic candy. And if you're looking for the best of the best nostalgic candy, it's right here at! If the person you'll be buying a gift for is older or younger than you, think of what candies were popular when they were a child. Keep your nostalgic candy focus on these, but don't be afraid to throw in some favorites from your youth that you think they might enjoy as well! One of the best things about candy is that it's fun and easy to share, so they might even let you partake in a few bites of your present. Since a birthday is a celebration just for them, unlike holidays we all celebrate together on the same day, nostalgic candy makes an especially fun selection that calls for a bit of indulgence. They can feel like a kid again as they smack, crack and peel the wrapper back on some Bonomo Turkish Taffy; they can remember that long before they separated their whites and colors in the wash, they were separating their Runts and Swiss Petite Fruits by flavor.

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