Must-Have Candy Buffet Supplies

Candy Buffets are all the rage, but what candy buffet supplies do you need to get yours started' Some people get distracted by trying to find the fanciest methods of displaying their candy and forget that the candy is the most important part of the buffet! Your other candy buffet supplies should not only complement the candy on offer, but also make it more enticing visually.

Glass containers are the most popular candy buffet supplies because they showcase the candy they hold inside. While elegant glass containers are easy to come by, old fashioned candy containers from a candy store, or even miniature gumball machines, are even better. For gumballs and other hard candy, these elaborate glassworks are ideal. For smaller candies like mint lentils, Sixlets, and licorice pastels, old fashioned candy dishes make a great display.

Many people stop at glass when considering candy buffet supplies, but you can be bolder and choose more unique options. Decorative galvanized tins can provide a signature look for your candy buffet. Just line them with pretty fabric to ensure that the candy inside keeps clean. Baskets also make excellent displays for the candy inside, giving a rustic old-world look to your candy buffet. Baskets are great for throwback items like Turkish Taffy, and food-safe decorative bowls can further your color scheme and contribute an additional design element to your buffet. Kisses, Jelly Belly candies, and mints are traditionally presented in this way. 

Foiled milk chocolate balls and hearts, and other wrapped candies, are perfect for any kind of bowls, baskets, tins, or glass canisters because they’re self-contained. Guests often gravitate toward foiled or wrapped candies because they are easily kept in the bags guests are encouraged to take home with them. They are also a great addition for the candy buffet designer because they will work well with any candy buffet supplies.

Make sure that your candy buffet supplies are intended to highlight the candy and don’t dominate your buffet planning. The candy is the focus of both your attention and that of your guests, so make sure that you’ve got the right flavors, colors, and styles from before you plan your candy buffet!

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