Kids? Candy For A Candy Buffet

If you’re looking for candy for a candy buffet for kids, our sweets and chocolate treats can turn any event into a party kids will love! Candy buffets are an emerging trend that combines the selection and “help yourself” attitude of a buffet with the irresistible allure of chocolate and sugary delights. All you’ll need are some glass containers, some colorful candy, and a healthy dose of imagination, and you’re ready to turn your next event into a delectable delight!

If you’re selecting candy for a candy buffet, choosing a color theme makes things simple, colorful, and coordinated with the rest of your party décor. If you’re decorating for a children’s birthday party, you can base the colors of your candy buffet on the child’s favorite colors. Of course, adults love this just as much, or even more, than the kids do. You can either stick to a color scheme of one, two, or three colors, or adopt a rainbow approach and give everyone something to enjoy.

Candy buffets are also perfect for weddings. When selecting wedding candy for a candy buffet, pay close attention to the colors chosen for the wedding. The candy buffet should match the colors worn by the bridal party and the decorations in the reception hall. You can use our Shop by Colors page to help you find the colored sweets to match your event. White and silver are popular wedding colors, but we also have those light blues, purples, and yellows that are popular in today’s marriage fashions. Kids, who may feel like they’re stuck at an adult party, always feel much better when they discover there’s candy available! And adults will feel more like kids when they find out about the candy buffet, too.

Holiday parties for kids are another perfect setting for a candy buffet. Appropriately colored holiday candy for a candy buffet adds to your holiday theme. Select red, white, and blue candy for those Memorial Day and Independence Day cookouts. Orange and black candies make a tempting treat for Halloween. Celebrate Hanukkah with blue and white candy, and Christmas with red and green varieties—and maybe a little white too for Santa’s beard! Kids will love grabbing candy in holiday colors, and they’re likely to never forget the taste either.

Picking candy for a candy buffet allows you to get creative and invites kids to enjoy the sweeter things in life. Don’t let the kids feel stuck at an adult gathering, and don’t pass up the opportunity to let adults feel like kids again. Give your guests the gift of a candy buffet and the rewards will be numerous and delicious!

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