The Meaning of Jordan Almonds at your Wedding

Jordan almonds are an extremely popular (and delicious!) wedding favor. They're also known as sugared almonds or 'dragees,' and they can be seen at wedding receptions all across the country. You'll find Jordan almonds in glasses, bowls, boxes, tulle, and many other attractive vessels. The Jordan almonds here at Superior Nut Store come in a wide variety of colors, so you're sure to find the ones that best suit your wedding reception. But why would you want Jordan almonds in the first place' We've found out that it's an extremely ancient custom'and a very sweet one, at that.

A little history of Jordan almonds The first written record of the use of Jordan almonds dates back to the 1350s. Their use in weddings and other important banquets became widespread around that time, also. Up until the early 1400s, Jordan almonds were actually coated with honey instead of sugar like they are today. These treats were often made by hand'as the first factory produced Jordan almonds didn't emerge until the late 1700s.

Significance and cultural tradition of Jordan almonds When you taste Jordan almonds for the first time, you might notice a little bit of a bittersweet taste. This is significant for its use in weddings. The bitterness of the almonds represents life, and the sweet coating represents marriage. Jordan almonds should only be distributed in odd numbers at weddings, as this represents the couple's indivisible bond and shared life together.

Italians call Jordan almonds 'confetti.' Greeks call the same treats 'koufeta.' In the Greek tradition, if a female wedding guest places the packet of Jordan almonds under her pillow, she will dream about the man she's going to marry.

The most common number of Jordan almonds given to guests at weddings is five. This is because five is an odd number and each of the Jordan almonds stands for something that guests wish for the couple. These five things are: happiness, health, fertility, longevity, and wealth.

You can find the right Jordan almonds for your wedding here at Superior Nut Store. When you choose Jordan almonds, you're choosing something that's part of an ancient wedding tradition.

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