Add Vitamins, Minerals and Flavor To Your Diet With Dried Fruit

When your body needs a vitamin and mineral boost, look no further than to Dried Fruit to find the nutrients that your body is craving. offers a great selection of Dried Fruits to delight your body and your palette. Here are some of our favorites: Crystallized Australian Ginger
As an exotic and tantalizing treat, these gently sliced pieces of the world's finest ginger are dipped lightly in natural sugar to deliver unparalleled flavor. Enjoy these pieces of dried fruit either steeped in tea, in some of your favorite dishes, or on their own as a unique snack. Pineapple Rings
Travel to an island paradise with each bite of our delicious dried pineapple rings. Pair with Macadamia or similar tropical nuts for a delightful snack. Perfect for entertaining or adding garnish to your favorite pineapple baked goods. Golden Raisins
Able to pair well with citrus or to be enjoyed on their own as a nutritious snack, golden raisins bring a little bit of sunshine into your day. Enjoy them on top of cereal, oatmeal, or in cooking or baking some of your favorite meals and treats. Pitted Prunes
Snacking on these decadent treats are sure to bring joy, especially during the holidays. We offer this delicious dried fruit to you in a one pound tub, so you can bake them into your favorite holiday dishes, like sugar plum scones. Enjoy them on their own or with a pairing of nuts at your next entertaining event. Dried Apple
Great for pairing with spiced dishes or as a wonderful addition to mulled wines, dried apple rings at a crisp bite of flavor to many of your favorite dishes. Eat them on their own or in cereals, cooking, or baking. Dried Turkish Apricots
Taste some of the sweetest apricots in the world at your next entertaining event. Gently harvested at the peak of flavor then dried in the sun, these jumbo apricots are ideal of enjoying on their own, especially for their naturally sweet taste. Serve them up on your favorite oatmeal for an extra treat.

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