Candy Coated Almonds: A Great Tradition

We know that all of the treats here at Superior Nut Store are delicious, but many of them also have interesting histories. That's definitely true for candy coated almonds, or Jordan almonds. They're traditionally a treat served at Greek and Middle Eastern weddings. But they're so delicious that they're definitely a staple in the wedding treat repertoire of people all over the world. Why are candy coated almonds eaten at weddings' Fresh almonds sometimes have a bittersweet tasted that is said to represent life. The candy coating is added in the hope that the newlyweds' life together will be more sweet than bitter.

At many traditional Greek weddings, candy coated almonds are eaten. They're called 'koufetta,' and the custom is to place the candy coated almonds in little bags and serve them on a silver tray. There is an odd number of almonds in each bag, as odd numbers are indivisible'and this is meant to symbolize the way that they newlyweds will share everything and remain undivided. Greek tradition holds that if an unmarried woman puts a bag of candy coated almonds under her pillow, she'll have dreams about her future husband.

Middle Eastern cultures use candy coated almonds at weddings, too'but for some different reasons. The sweets are actually considered an aphrodisiac, and they are always on hand at a wedding. Traditionally, if you have too many candy coated almonds, you have permission to leave the reception early.

You can use candy coated almonds at your own wedding reception, as well. They are beautiful if you pour a handful into champagne glasses or glass bowls. They are also gorgeous if you put some candy coated almonds into decorative bags. Attach a little card to the bag so that guests will know the meaning of the sweets'they're so much more than a candy treat.

You can enjoy the tradition of candy coated almonds on a wedding day, but they're also delicious to eat any day. Here at Superior Nut Store, we carry Jordan almonds in a wide variety of colors, so you'll be able to enjoy them whatever mood you're in. The different colors also make them a great addition to any wedding décor'get some to match the bridesmaids' dresses! However you decide to indulge in candy coated almonds, you can find everything you need right here.

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