Buying Bulk Candy For Weddings

If you're planning a candy buffet for your wedding reception, it's important to plan ahead to make this wonderful favor run smoothly. A candy buffet takes more time and planning than your traditional wedding favor, and for good reason. You need to find an elegant way to display the candy, as well as fun contains for guests to take their treat home in. It might seem like a lot, but if you prepare everything in the months and weeks before your wedding, buying candy for weddings can be an easy and enjoyable task! The first thing you should do, is around 3 to 6 months before your wedding, start browsing candy for weddings and see what types catch your attention. Decide if you want a candy buffet that coordinates with your wedding colors, or if you just want a rainbow of hues. Also look into the types of candies you want to use, because they'll affect how early you can purchase. If you want to buy chocolates or other candy for weddings that tends to melt in the heat, plan your order accordingly. You'll need to either order early before the warm weather hits, or wait until the summer heat has passed. If you're ordering early for a summer wedding, store the candy in a cool, dry place, or freeze it if you're able. If sealed, most candies will stay fresh for a few months. As your wedding approaches, start gathering all the materials for the candy buffet, and designate someone to be the point person. Since set up is a little more involved, check with your banquet coordinator to see if their team can handle the setup or if you will need to do it. Many reception sites are comfortable dealing with candy for weddings and may be able to assist you. Finally, make sure you have signs up letting guests know about the favor and tell the wedding party to encourage guests to fill up a goody bag for later. If you start early, it's easy and fun to create a wedding candy buffet!

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