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Have you ever noticed that when you're looking for a particular nut, you can never seem to find it in the grocery store' Sure, there are always peanuts and cashews, but what if you want Brazil nuts' Or butter toffee almonds' Or Turkish pistachios' Or chocolate covered hazelnuts' These gourmet and rare nuts can be difficult to find, but not to worry. They're always in stock at is your source for gourmet nuts in bulk, whether you're looking for one pound or 100 pounds of a particular ingredient. If you frequently use fresh or gourmet nuts in your favorite recipes, then be sure to check out selection to save on some of the most delicious varieties of nut you've ever encountered. We stock everything from the basic to the exotic, plus, we also feature complimentary ingredients like dried fruits, nut butters, and chocolate so that you can get all of your ingredients in the same place. Finally ' an easier way to stock your pantry.

In addition to the standby staples like peanut butter, chopped nuts, and mixed nuts, we also carry some gourmet nuts that are perfect for using in recipes or snacking on. Take for instance our:

Butter Toffee Nuts: If you love the buttery taste of toffee, then you'll love our butter toffee nuts. These sweet and smooth gourmet nuts are a perfect party nut and can be used in a variety of recipes, ranging from muffins to cakes. Choose from almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts with this gourmet finish. 

Japanese Peanuts: If you love Asian cuisine, you'll love these Japanese style peanuts. They are sweet, salty, and feature just a hint of soy sauce. Yum!

Sesame Peanuts: Sweet and salty all at once, our sesame peanuts are coated with a thin shell and sesame seeds for a flavorful punch that's sure to delight.

Praline Pecans:  Fresh and irresistible, our praline pecans are a gourmet nut that's sure to be a hit at your next special occasion. Serve up a bowl with drinks or in between courses for an unexpected treat.

Wasabi Peanuts: We all love wasabi peas, but what about wasabi peanuts' These gourmet nuts showcase a kick with a salty, sweet finish. Addictive and definitely packed with that hot flavor you love!

Chocolate Covered Nuts: Who doesn't love chocolate and nuts' This match made in heaven can always be found in, where we offer white, milk, and dark chocolate covered nuts. Cashews to pecans, we've got something for every chocolate and nut lover.

Cajun Peanuts: Great for snacking, these spicy and savory peanuts are roasted to perfection. Great for those who love the flavor of Cajun cuisine!

Looking for more gourmet nuts' Check out our bulk nuts selection to find these favorites and more.

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