Kosher Nuts, Kosher Nut Gift Tins & Kosher Nut Gift Baskets

Foods that are kosher meet certain criteria of Jewish law. Kosher certification rules include the way the food was processed, the utensils used during production, and the type of food. Kosher foods are broken down into 3 categories: dairy, meat, and pareve.

Kosher Nut products that contain milk and/or milk derived products are considered to be kosher dairy. Our Chocolate covered nuts are considered Kosher Dairy. All kosher items that are not considered dairy or meat are pareve. All of our dried fruit, raw nuts and roasted nuts are pareve.

At we feature a great selection of Kosher Nuts, Kosher Nut Gift Tins and Kosher Nut Gift Baskets; they are great gifts for Jewish holidays, observances and special occasions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at

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