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  • This tray has a diameter of 7 inches and a height of about 1.5 in.
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  • This product is certified Kosher Pareve.
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product details:
This tray has a diameter of 7 inches and a height of about 1.5 in.
product details:
A Personalized Greeting Card can be added during the checkout.
product details:
This product is certified Kosher Pareve.
product details:
Shop now and we'll ship your order when you want; simply note your preferred ship date at the checkout.
Pistachios and Salt.
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Gift Tray

Turkish Pistachios Gourmet Tray

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Looking for a scrumptious and yummy snack, with a divinely piquant flavor? Look no further than Turkish Antep Pistachios. They make a pleasing and satisfying after-dinner treat, and are an irresistible complement to the sweetest desserts.

Crunchy and savory with a touch of sweetness - a symphony of tastes in a tiny shell. A nut of antiquity, pistachio trees are one of the oldest flowering nuts. They flourish in Turkey, and we are pleased to bring you delightful and distinctive Turkish Antep Pistachios. First enjoyed as a flavor of ice cream starting in the 1940s. These nuts offer a hint of sweetness with a rich nutty flavor. Perfect for ice cream, this sweet treat was widely credited with popularizing pistachios. Turkish Antep Pistachios are equally delectable in baklava, nougat, and Turkish Delight.

Turkist Antep Pistachios are exceptionally crunchy with a rich, full-bodied taste. During ancient times, pistachios were thougth to be an aphrodisiac. It seems appropriate then to issue a warning: it will be hard to stop at only one or even two nuts. Each nut is a a natural masterpiece with a sophisticated taste that will certainly elicit applause from your grateful dinner guests. Be humble.


We've heard it from so many people. They long to enjoy the flavor of real Turkish Pistachios, just the way they remember them from earlier days, if only they could find a reliable source. Superior Nut Store to the rescue! Our beautiful Turkish Pistachios Gourmet Tray brings a full half-pound of that wonderful old-time flavor, and many times that in happiness, making it one of our best gourmet gifts for the true pistachio lover on your list. We use only premium Pistachios imported directly from farms in the famed Antep region of Turkey, where the growing conditions are ideal and the nuts that come from the centuries-old pistachio groves are legendary for their quality and flavor. Fresh from our on-site roasters, their beautiful golden-brown shells just beginning to open, our Turkish Pistachio Nuts represent the height of flavor, with a satisfying crunch guaranteed to appeal to the most discriminating pistachio connoisseur. Turkish Pistachios Gourmet Tray - Net Wt. 8oz

When you want to impress someone? when you want to delight someone?when you want to celebrate a milestone with someone, Turkish Pistachio gifts offer a uniquely elegant way to mark the occasion. Exotic in origin and unsurpassed in their flavor and visual appeal, our premium Turkish Pistachios have the power to virtually transport the recipient to another time and place. Once you?ve had the real thing, they say, you?ll never go back; at Superior Nut Store, we select only the finest, freshest pistachios for our Gift Tray, and anyone who loves the taste of pistachios will notice the difference right away. These nuts are simply perfect: slightly smaller and darker than domestic pistachios, they deliver an intensely rich flavor that simply blows away ordinary fare.

No oil has ever touched these nuts. We dry-roast them to perfection, then apply a light dusting of salt?just enough to bring out the full measure of flavor from the crisp, green-skinned nuts inside their partially opened shells. They arrive at your recipient?s door complete with their full nutrient load to go along with that fabulous flavor. Packed with protein and natural plant fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and cholesterol-fighting monounsaturated fats, Turkish Pistachios are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Take away their exceptional flavor, and they'd still be a truly thoughtful gift. But we all know what makes our Turkish Pistachios Gourmet Tray special. Give a taste of the exotic, with the world's finest Turkish Pistachios from Superior Nut Store.

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