5 Simple Spring Snacks with Dried Fruit

Posted by SuperiorNut on Mar 30, 2021

As the air warms and the flowers bloom into the season, many families are looking for spring snacks to enjoy. The changing seasons bring with it the opportunity to get out into nature more! That means on-the-go bites and filling, nutritious snacks to keep you full through the longer days. There are so many ways to create fun spring snacks and dried fruit is often a big part of it. Many people associate fruit with springtime and dried fruit is no exception. Easy, quick spring snacks can be made in a variety of ways with dried fruit. These simple spring snack recipes from Superior Nut Company make great use of all the sweet, tart, chewy, dried fruit that you know and love— and some unique ones you may not!

Spring Snacks for Everyone

Everyone in the family could use a few spring snacks to enjoy throughout the day and week. Whether you’re busy at your desk, on the go with kids, or relaxing in the backyard or park, it’s helpful to have something within reach. One of our favorite snacks at Superior Nut Company is of course dried fruit and nuts! Simply grab a few of each for a small handful to keep you satisfied. We like dried fruit for its chewy texture and varied taste:Dried cherriesand cranberries are tart,dried apricotsandmango lean more sweet, and dried apples and bananas tend to be nice and neutral.

Dried Fruit is the Ultimate Spring Snack

Superior Nut Company offers some of the more unique dried fruit, too! Why not make all of the tastiest fruits into quick, easy snacks? Get creative and try something new to snack on like:

Dried Kiwi: Dense, chewy, and bright green.

Dried Cantaloupe: Candy-like, yet nutritious.

Dried Star Fruit: Tart and sweet, these are fun to eat on its own.

Dried Papaya: Bright orange and packed with nutrients.

Dried Figs: If you’re not familiar, figs are widely enjoyed both fresh and dried.

The taste and texture of dried fruit makes for an interesting snack that’s unlike many others. Some dried fruits are chewier, softer, crunchier, etc. Since they’re both sweet and full of texture, it can satisfy both your sweet tooth and snack craving. Whatever you like, there’s a dried fruit for you to snack on! You can also make your own homemade trail mix with a blend of your favorite dried fruits, plus nuts and seeds.

Drying fruit has long been an efficient way to preserve the nutrient-dense food when it’s fresh. This way, you can enjoy any type of fruit whenever you’d like! Cuisines around the world make use of dried fruit in snacks and meals. It’s flavor is concentrated and it lasts a long time. After harvesting the fruit when it's ripe, it can be consumed for months and even years when the fresh fruit is no longer available.

Simple Snacks with Fruit

Although simple snacks with fruit can be as basic as enjoying only your favorite dried fruit, there’s a few things you can do to add to it. These simple snacks with fruit make use of dried fruit and satisfy the craving.

Ants on a Log

For the kids or the grown ups! Simply slice some celery and fill it with nut butter or cream cheese. The classic way to do ants on a log is to line up raisins on top of the nut butter. Feel free to make it a bit messy though and sprinkle your dried fruit on top. If you want to use big pieces of fruit like apricot or apple, just dice it up with a knife first. Enjoy the creamy crunch!


Though generally considered more of a meal or main dish, oatmeal can of course be made in however small or big of a portion you want! To enjoy a smaller snack, half your favorite oatmeal recipe and top it with dried fruit. Tip: If you want the fruit slightly plump, warm, and rehydrated a bit, add the dried fruit to the oats before you start cooking.

Dried Fruit Bars

Homemade granola bars, protein bars, snacks bars, dried fruit bars and balls: You can make these at home using wholesome ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. This recipe by Art of Palate is one way to make dried fruit bars. Simply blend the dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in a food processor, then press the mixture into a lined baking dish and let it chill. Take these on the go for your spring picnic or nature walk!

Quick Salad

Think dried cranberries and walnutsover a bed of mixed greens and chopped vegetables. Use what’s in season for spring near you! Grab your favorite salad dressing and you’re good to go for a quick snack. This is a good way to get your greens in as well as nutritious dried fruit and nuts.

Baked Goods

Throw a handful of any dried fruit you like in a batter of scones, muffins, or sweet bread. You should be able to bake as you normally do and it will yield a dried-fruit-speckled treat! Baked goods are an easy snack, especially on a sunny spring morning with a nice cup of coffee. The dried fruit happens to be a natural sweetener as well as a boost of flavor.

Whatever tasty and satisfying simple spring snacks are calling to you, Superior Nut Company has a wide selection of all the dried fruit to get you started. All you need is to start with wholesome, fresh ingredients and you can prepare your own snacks to enjoy all season long!

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