Healthy Easter Treats for Kids

Posted by SuperiorNut on Mar 31, 2021

Who knew healthy Easter treats could be so delicious? While the holiday generally brings with it sugary treats and large feasts, there are healthier options to get your spring season off to a great start. Using fresh ingredients to make creative recipes, you can have delicious healthy treats right at home. This year for Easter, you might be looking for alternatives to traditional Easter celebrations. This is a chance to start new traditions and experiences, like a backyard or neighborhood Easter egg hunt and an afternoon having a blast making healthy Easter treats with the kids. Get creative with bunny-shaped foods, bright pastel spring colors, and seasonal spring produce!

Healthy Easter Treats

One way to celebrate and have a fun time with the kids is to serve up some healthy easter treats. Reduce the refined and added sugars by instead opting for fruits and other natural sweeteners (like maple syrup in baked goods). If you do want to get a classic chocolate bunny for the kids, try to steer toward dark chocolate for its health benefits! Even if you and your kids are big on sweets, you can satisfy the craving with healthy Easter treats that don’t compromise on fun or flavor. With many treats, you can prepare some ingredients ahead of time to leave more time to make memories and play with the kids.

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids can be enjoyable and beneficial for everyone involved. When it comes to tasty Easter treats, we hope they’ll have fun joining in on the special opportunity and learning something new! Make bunnies out of slices of banana, apples, whole blueberries, or whatever other fresh produce and wholesome foods come to mind. This Easter Bunny Snack Board by the Baker Mama is a great way to use fresh vegetables and healthy foods for a fun treat the kids will love! Get the kids involved by asking them to make their own bunny out of fruits and vegetables: It will be so fun and rewarding to see what their creative minds come up with.

Another way to get cooking with kids is to make homemade pizzas with them. Go for gluten-free or wheat dough if you’d like, and chop the veggies before getting started. Show them how to put sauce and cheese on the dough, and have fun with the toppings! Make another bunny with or create a couple spring tulips and daffodils out of sliced bell pepper, onion, olives, and pepperoni. When cooking with kids, think of small finger foods, easy clean up, and fun bright colors. But don’t be afraid to let their imagination run wild: Take the day to try something new and special!

Easter Recipes

Quality foods and spring produce can easily turn into the best Easter recipes that don’t have to be complicated. Rather than going all out with a huge brunch or dinner feast at home, you can opt for light meals and several snacks. Make new Easter recipes with the kids using healthy spring snacks for easy clean up and a day full of activities. Superior Nut Company has several snack and nut mixes perfect for a break in the day. And when you’re ready to whip up something special for the kids, try these healthy Easter recipes:

  • Yogurt parfaits: The spring season has begun and it's a perfect time to enjoy yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Set up a parfait bar and teach the kids to assemble it themselves. Or, make a fun rainbow layer with different colored fruits for extra spring vibes!
  • Homemade granola: The house smell sweetly of roasted and toasted nuts while you’re preparing a simple homemade granola. Dried fruit naturally sweetens things while roasting the nuts and seeds bring out an extra delicious and rich flavor to the crunchy mix.
  • Pesto zucchini noodles: Spiralize a couple zucchinis at home —the kids will love the long noodle-like strands— and mix with a classic basil pesto made with walnuts for a bright and light spring dish.
  • Roasted rhubarb: This dish by the Spruce Eats is so beautifully bright in color! Using seasonal spring rhubarb, you can easily make this healthy, sweet and unique treat at home.
  • Bunny shaped sandwiches: They always seem to think everything tastes better when it’s cut into fun shape! Enjoy a casual lunch by simply making your kids favorite healthy sandwich. Cut the sandwich into the shape of a bunny head with ears and add a couple of olives for eyes and matchstick carrots for whiskers.

Start Simply With Superior Nut Company

Superior Nut Company can keep your pantry stocked with premium nuts, seeds, dried fruit, treats like chocolate, and more, all year round. These pantry staples can easily be incorporated into a healthy diet and be made into fun snacks for any holiday or special occasion. Grab what you need for Easter, and then some, and you won’t have to worry about having quality ingredients within an arm's reach of your kitchen.

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