What Makes Nuts and Seeds Superfoods?

Posted by SuperiorNut on Mar 31, 2021

Many people like to eat nuts and seeds regularly. But some may not realize they tend to be full of necessary fatty acids, fibers, vitamins, and other nutrients. Though many nuts seeds are dense in calories, some are so high in antioxidants and nutrients that they are considered superfoods. Chia seeds, for one, are often referred to as a superfood because of the included high amounts of vitamins and minerals. When nuts and seeds are minimally processed, it’s easy to reap the health benefits with just a small handful.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are grouped together because they’re both nutrient-dense and rich in protein. The technical definition of the two is very similar, and sometimes nuts contain seeds. In general, though, these plant parts are eaten together and because of their taste, texture, and nutrition. For culinary purposes, they can be toasted, crushed, sliced and cut into various pieces, and made into butters. Sunflower seed butter is a common alternative to peanut butter for people who are allergic to peanuts. A trail mix of nuts and seeds, plus additions like dried fruit, is a great snack. When you’re on the go, it’s easy to grab a handful of nuts and seeds and enjoy it as a simple superfood on its own.

What Are Superfoods?

If nuts and seeds are considered superfoods, what are superfoods? There is no hard definition and the term can often be misconstrued and oversimplified. It’s defined by many as a nutrient-rich food with substantial health benefits. But it’s important to consume a variety of different foods to ensure your body receives all the vitamins and minerals it requires. No one food will lead to ultimate optimal health without a balanced diet and other tenants of a healthy lifestyle. Superfoods are a good idea to incorporate into your diet because you should include an assortment of whole foods and quality ingredients in each meal.

Nuts and seeds are often considered superfoods because they’re packed full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. But they also tend to be quite calorie-dense: make sure you enjoy everything in moderation! Those who wonder what superfoods are may have heard of the associated almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and quinoa (yes, quinoa is a seed!). Aside from these nuts and seeds, Superior Nut Company offers other nutrient-rich foods like dried fruit: Gogi berries, ginger, andblueberries.

Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds

The health benefits of nuts and seeds vary depending on the kind you are consuming. Most all nuts and seeds are high in vitamins, necessary fats, proteins, and fiber. Some may contain more or less of these nutrients and some may be higher in calories. When learning of the health benefits of nuts and seeds, it’s important to be aware of this. Even though they provide nutrients and healthy benefits, nuts and seeds are generally high in calories and fats. So when you get to snacking, try to resist enjoying more than a small handful at a time— Superior Nut Company knows how hard that can be with such tasty snacks!

Health benefits of nuts include:

  • Regulated heart health and reduced risk of heart disease— Nuts contain unsaturated fats and may lower the ‘bad’ cholesterol.
  • Plant based— Nuts are appropriate for many diets and lifestyles because they are harvested from plants.
  • Hearty source of nutrients— Think fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, and copper.

Health benefits of seeds include:

  • Fatty acids— Many seeds like chia and hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can also regulate heart health.
  • High fiber— This regulates digestion and keeps you full from a small snack.
  • Plant based— Seeds are essentially mini plants! So they are certainly plant based and therefore are able to provide all of the sustenance of the grown plant.
  • Hearty source of nutrients— Magnesium, fiber, vitamin B1, and zinc.

A balanced diet means enjoying a variety of different foods: Along with nuts and seeds, it’s good to aim for a healthy amount of other whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Try to enjoy nuts and seeds with dried fruit in trail mix, oatmeal, or granola. Chia seeds and flax seeds are easy to add into smoothies, and chia seed pudding makes great use of the superfood! Sprinkle some almonds on top for an extra superfood addition.

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Superior Nut Company provides a wide variety of different types of nuts and seeds packed with nutrients. For a special treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, try a few premium chocolate covered nuts like Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds.You can find salted, roasted, and plain nuts and other superfoods like those dried fruits: Snack on whatever sounds good to you on the go or incorporate them into your cooking and baking.

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