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  • Store refrigerated for up to 6 months.
  • Approximately 20 pieces per pound.
  • This product is certified Kosher Pareve.
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product details:
Store refrigerated for up to 6 months.
product details:
Approximately 20 pieces per pound.
product details:
This product is certified Kosher Pareve.
Turkish figs.
No Added Sugar

Turkish Figs - No Sugar added

$7.95 - $129.95


Craving something sweet? Our Turkish Figs are legendary for their size and quality, but it?s their uncommonly rich flavor that will put an end to your longing. So meaty and delicious, full of natural sweetness that comes directly from the sun, these luscious dried figs make even a light afternoon snack something to look forward to. They have the classic light-brown skins that identify them as true Turkish figs, with beautiful golden flesh that retains a hint of its original pink tinge. You will find them uniformly fresh-flavored, moist and absolutely delicious, at a price that won?t strain your pocketbook.

Just like our Organic Turkish Figs, these beautiful fruits come to you with no sugar and no preservatives added. As a result, they fit perfectly into virtually any diet regimen. Trying to lose weight? Just a handful can satisfy even the sharpest hunger pangs, especially those that are accompanied by a craving for sweets. Vegans and raw foodists will enjoy adding these luscious treats to their daily intake. And anyone looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle or combat ongoing health issues will want to include figs in their meal plans because of the many vitamins and minerals they provide.

Check out the many ways in which our Turkish Figs can contribute to your well-being. For one thing, they?re extremely high in insoluble fiber, the good kind recommended by nutritionists. They?ll not only help fill you up, they promote proper digestion, help stabilize blood sugar levels, keep cholesterol in check, and enhance regularity. Figs are also overloaded with iron, which helps to oxygenate the blood and keep your energy level up. With high levels of calcium (for bone health), potassium (to keep lower blood pressure), and antioxidants to keep your metabolism in high gear. When you add in their amazing taste, it?s clear that figs are one of the foods that should be in your cupboard all the time!

It?s not fair. There?s supposed to be a sharp dividing line between foods that taste heavenly and those that are actually good for you. Our sumptuous Turkish figs, however, simply blow such distinctions away, and with authority! They?re so incredibly fresh and sweet, with a rich velvety texture, you?d never suspect they carry such a wealth of beneficial nutrients. In fact, among all foods, dried Turkish figs rank near the top in iron and insoluble fiber content, and also provide a huge antioxidant boost with every luscious bite?perfect for your pre-workout snack. So yes, you can have it both ways: buy Turkish figs to satisfy your sweet cravings, but eat them for your own good health. It?s a win-win all the way!

Nothing hits the spot like Turkish figs when you?re hungry and in the mood for something healthy and satisfying. All natural and with no preservatives added, these figs will leave you feeling guilt-free and happy with your choice. Dried Turkish figs are low in sodium, low in fat and high in fiber content, making them a perfect dessert for the health conscious. All of their antioxidants will help keep your immune system working at its best, while their high content of polyphenols aid in the prevention of cancer. In addition, our Turkish Figs are good for your bones by containing large amounts of calcium. If you can resist them long enough to bake with them, try using them for filling in cookies, wrapping them with prosciutto for a delightful snack, or using them to add a zing to salads. Buy Turkish Figs from Superior Nut Store and experience all of their benefits for yourself. All of their antioxidants will help keep your immune system working at its best, while their high content of polyphenols aid in the prevention of cancer. Also be sure to check out our additional selection of fresh figs before you go!

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