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Raw Mediterranean Pine Nuts

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Authenticity in the kitchen is all the rage these days, and that means using the right ingredients in the right way. For your finest Italian dishes, only real top-quality Mediterranean Pine Nuts will do?and that?s what we have right here. These are superior pine nuts, the best in the world, originating from sun-bathed Old World stone pine plantations in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Their flavor is unquestioned, a delicate natural balance of nutty, buttery, sweet, savory, verdant and velvety all at once. Perfectly formed, light and crunchy, these gorgeous pine nuts will do truly amazing things for your pestos, pizzas, pastas and salads.

Our half-pound pack brings you enough rare Mediterranean Pine Nuts to work your kitchen magic for that upcoming dinner party, and still have enough left over to enjoy an exceptional evening snack at your leisure. Here?s how to toast pine nuts to creamy, crunchy perfection, right on your stovetop: Fully heat a 10? skillet on medium-low. Toss in enough pine nuts to cover the bottom in a single layer. Heat carefully, stirring frequently to turn before they burn. Don?t over-cook; they?ll be done quickly. Remove from heat when lightly browned, transfer the warm seeds to a serving bowl, and proceed to enjoy one of Nature?s most decadent little pleasures!

No, real Mediterranean Pine Nuts aren?t cheap. There is only so much of an annual crop to go around, and bringing the seeds to market is an incredibly labor-intensive endeavor. Add their soaring popularity for use in heart-healthy and raw-foods diets, in Mediterranean-style cooking, and especially in traditional holiday baked goods such as pignoli and other old-time cookies, quickbreads, coffee cakes and pastries, and you?ll appreciate how precious these pine nuts can be. We invite you to enjoy the prettiest, best-flavored, freshest Mediterranean Pine Nuts available today.


What magic could you make with a full pound of delicious, super-healthy pine nuts to work with? No holding back, now—these are some of the most beautiful pine nuts on the planet: authentic Mediterranean Pine Nuts grown in Italy, Spain and Portugal, slim and elegant in appearance, and full of that wondrous old-time flavor you simply can’t find anywhere else. Superior Nut Store is proud to offer these little delights at a great price, so go ahead: pull out your best Old World recipes, gather your ingredients, and get ready to make some serious magic in the kitchen!

Are the holidays approaching, or are you expecting some special company who would deeply appreciate a taste of the good old days? It’s hard to beat a tray filled with homemade pignoli (pine nut cookies), complete with almond paste, confectioners’ sugar, and real pine nuts from the old country. Crunchy yet chewy, decadently sweet yet savory, they have the power to lift the spirit like no other traditional treat. Or perhaps, a rich, full-flavored pesto, made the old-fashioned way, would offer the perfect complement to a main course of ziti or penne pasta. With our Mediterranean Pine Nuts, the ordinary become sensational.

For those with simpler tastes, however, and especially for anyone on a health kick, these delicious pine nuts can be an important part of a heart-healthy, fiber-rich diet. Just a small handful a day adds significant amounts of complete protein, oleic acid, zinc, magnesium, Vitamins K and E—the list of healthy nutrients goes on and on. You’ll find them outstanding when added to salads and main dishes. Plus, toasting pine nuts on the stovetop is fast, easy, and makes a great snack even crunchier and tastier. How to toast pine nuts? Simple: just spread a single layer into a hot skillet over medium-low heat, and lightly brown, stirring often to turn. Fantastic!


Are you the type of baker who “just goes nuts” for the holidays? Does the thought of passing out trays of homemade pignoli cookies to everyone you know, love or work with excite you? If so, here’s a little fuel for the fire. Ten full pounds of premium Mediterranean Pine Nuts, bursting with fresh, authentic Old World flavor, shipped straight to your doorstep from Superior Nut Store. Now you can get busy making all the pignoli, all the pesto, all the delicious-sounding, health-conscious Greek and Italian dishes you’ve been dying to try, but have never had the ingredients for!

Why wait? We have fresh pine nuts from Spain, Portugal and Italy to complement your finest recipes and add some crunch to your diet. The quality and flavor are unreal, sure to impress both next week’s dinner guests and next month’s wedding attendees; and of course, the health benefits are undeniable. Pine nuts contain more pure protein and magnesium than any other seed type. Because these delicious morsels carry a heavy load of nutrients, monounsaturated fat (the good kind), antioxidants and amino acids, they make a great base for any raw-foods diet regimen, and a superb snack or meal add-in for anyone who needs to lower their cholesterol or blood pressure.

One simple way to get the most out of your raw pine nuts is to toast them before sprinkling over salads and other greens, hummus, casseroles or pasta dishes. Knowing how to toast pine nuts also gives you a quick, healthy and delicious snack—nothing tastes better! All it takes is a skillet and a stovetop. Over medium-low heat, spread a single layer of seeds in the bottom of the pan, and turn frequently as they cook so that they brown without burning. We’ll tell you right now: warm, freshly toasted Mediterranean Pine Nuts are the total bomb! And with ten pounds on hand, you can have them anytime you want to!

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