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Raw Organic Pine Nuts

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Pine nuts are not rare, but they're certainly not common! That's a shame, because their taste is so distinctive, nutty and delicious, with just a tinge of flavoring that hints of their origin. Popular for cooking and loaded with protein, minerals and heart-healthy fats, they're a great way to add natural goodness to your diet. Net wt. 8 oz.

They say a pesto without pine nuts is like a day without sunshine, and if tradition means anything at all, they're right! With fresh basil and garlic, pine nuts have been a staple in the pestos of northern Italy for centuries. Traditionally ground together in a mortar and pestle, then seasoned according to the chef's whims, these natural ingredients added native zest to pastas, salads and other dishes. Today, pine nuts have become a gourmet addition to baked goods, soups and sautes, green salads and roasted meats, where their mild essence and delicate crunch bring pleasant enhancement to almost any flavor profile.

Our painstakingly harvested Organic Pine Nuts come to you fresh, raw and unprocessed, full of natural flavor and vitality. If you wish to make our Organic Pine Nuts part of your raw-foods diet, we also offer bulk pine nuts for your convenience. You'll always receive pine nuts of first quality, suitable for enjoying fresh-out-of-hand or roasting to your preference. Our Organic Pine Nuts (being seeds, rather than true nuts) are exceptionally high in protein and monounsaturated fat to help bolster your cardiovascular health, and deliver a healthy payload of natural vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals as well. We invite you to enjoy the unique flavor and goodness of premium pine nuts. order today!


Pine Nuts have a rich but delicate flavor; delicious in dishes as varied as stuffings, fruit salads, and pesto sauce. They may also be ground into a flour suitable for desserts. Eat them raw or roast them lightly in a dry skillet or oven to bring out their flavor.

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