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Raw Pine Nuts (Pignolias)

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A healthy and delicious alternative to processed foods. Pine nuts are one of the few foods worldwide that can sustain a healthy population, and as a result have been an important dietary staple for thousands of years. Packed with natural protein, the pine nut contains the full range of amino acids needed by the human body to sustain its functions. In addition, one serving delivers more than the daily recommended intake of magnesium, an important mineral which is often lacking in modern diets, plus significant amounts of niacin, vitamins E and K, dietary fiber and antioxidants. As a natural source of energy and all-around good health, pine nuts are hard to beat.

Oh, did we mention that pine nuts are delicious? Even though they?re seeds, not actual nuts, they have a creamy texture that delivers a distinct buttery flavor with fruity overtones of evergreen. You can eat them raw, just as they are, for a healthy and filling snack, or roast them lightly to achieve a heartier, nuttier flavor that goes well with many other foods. Toss them into a torn leaf salad, bake them into cookies and breads, grind them into pesto, add to casseroles and stuffing?there are many simple ways to incorporate the health benefits of pine nuts into your diet.

The raw foods movement has embraced the pine nut as an essential superfood, good for the body and good for the earth. Pine nuts are not easy to harvest; most of the picking must be done by hand, and shell removal is difficult and time-consuming. By the time the smooth kernels arrive at your door, it?s already been a long and arduous task! Because pine nuts are such a popular item here at Superior Nut Store, we?re able to keep the cost down and provide a great value for our customers. We guarantee you?ll love the quality and flavor of our Raw Pine Nuts. Try some today!


Let’s get right down to it. Pine nuts aren’t nuts; they’re seeds. Specifically, the seeds of certain large-coned pine tree varieties found in only a few far-flung corners of the earth. From the southwestern United States and northern Mexico, to southern China, to Spain/Portugal and Italy, to Lebanon and Turkey, pine nuts have been a culinary staple for thousands of years. They have a nutty, buttery flavor with just the slightest tinge of natural pine essence—a refreshingly pleasant combination that’s universally appealing, though the flavor mix will vary somewhat depending on the origin. Our Raw Pine Nuts are 100% Grade A nuts from China, and represent your most affordable option for enjoying their wonderful flavor and health benefits.

It’s not easy to get these little delights to your doorstep! Our Raw Pine Nuts generally come from wild trees and must be harvested almost entirely by hand. The seeds are difficult to release from the cones and brackets that contain them, and when you consider that it takes about 700 pine nuts to make a pound, it’s clear that a lot of work goes into every order. But we think you’ll agree: it’s worth it! Just one taste, and you’ll be glad you decided to spring for a full pound of these delectable little gems!


With plenty of delicious pine nuts on hand, you’ll find there’s hardly any dish you can make that couldn’t be made even better just by tossing a few into the mix. Meats, casseroles, salads, breads and pastries, cereals, yogurt—all can benefit from the addition. And naturally, they’re wonderful all by themselves. But knowing how to toast pine nuts gives you the ultimate high-flavor, high-energy, heart-healthy snack in no time. Simply toss a handful or two into a skillet over medium-low heat, and shake often to turn. When they turn light-brown (and you can’t stand the wonderful aroma anymore), they’re ready to completely rock your taste buds!


For those interested in an outstanding value on a wonderfully fresh, top-quality superfood, we offer our Grade A Raw Pine Nuts (also known as pignolias) in an economical 10-pound case lot. Simply by dedicating a corner of your refrigerator to pignolia storage, you can now enjoy all the good taste and good health that these delightful seeds add to your life, for a good long while! Pine nuts can be one of the building blocks of a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet, as they’re loaded with “complete” protein—meaning that, unlike other seeds and nuts, these delicious morsels deliver all nine of the amino acids your body needs to thrive!

Pine nuts’ delicate fresh flavor—light and nutty, with a velvety butter-like finish—comes from their exceptionally high oil content. These natural oils contain a major dose of beneficial monounsaturated fat in the form of oleic acid, for a significant energy boost and lots of support for your heart and circulatory system. A great vitamin and mineral profile simply enhances the pignolia’s value to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And the fact that they’re so delicious makes it easy to slip a handful or two into your diet every day.

Get ready to savor your own homemade pesto on your next pasta salad, pizza or linguine entree. Fresh spinach with a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts is to die for. Stirred into hummus or rice pilaf, stuffed into peppers or added to baked chicken or fish, pine nuts enhance the flavor of almost any dish. Try them raw, out of the bag, but they’re even better toasted—and it’s so easy! Here’s how to toast pine nuts: Warm a skillet over medium-low heat; add pignolias to form a single layer. Stir frequently to turn (because of the high oil content, they’ll burn if you’re not careful). Once they’ve turned a light golden-brown, pour off into a bowl. And enjoy!

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